Make a Mexican Fiesta – Breakfast – Every Time!

Migas, Papadzules, and Papas con Chorizo. Now this is what we call breakfast and will start your day off right!

We love the Mexican Breakfast tradition. It is big, it is fresh, it is so freakin’ good. Don’t skip breakfast here cause you are really missing out on some great flavors!

What the Heck are Migas?


Migas is the best way to create a healthy breakfast using leftovers from the night before. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle last nights tortillas into a beautiful morning! This is not chiliquiles, another classic breakfast that we have raved about again and again.  This is yet another way to deliciously and economically reuse tortillas the next day.

This is the traditional, not TexMex, version of Migas. Take yesterdays tortillas, cut them into strips and gently fry them in a frying pan. When they become crispy add a few eggs and scramble both ingredients together. The result is a crunchy scrambled egg dish that has a slight flavor of the corn tortillas. Delicious and easy to make! The TexMex version adds diced vegetables, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and in some instances chilis for a bit of spice. This makes it all too complicated. We love the simple, authentic version that enhances the two ingredients, not hide them.

Papa What? This is Not What You Think It Is


Papadzules is a Yucatan breakfast that combines Mexican ingredients with European flavors. Three corn tortillas are stuffed with chopped egg and rolled liked a very small burrito. The plate is then covered with a pumpkin seed salsa first and then topped off with a little red salsa (not spicy). The pumpkin seed salsa is so creamy, but no cream or milk is used. Now that is pretty incredible!

When I first tried Papadzules many, many years ago, I thought that it would have potatoes (the Spanish word for potatoes is ‘papas’). Imagine my surprise when I received the dish and found eggs stuffed in the tortillas. But let me tell you, I was far from disappointed.

Papas con Chorizo Will Start Your Day off Right!


This dish is spicy, does have potatoes and will rock your world. Spicy sausage is removed from the casing, cooked with boiled and finely chopped potatoes and served either just like this or with eggs and tortillas. The slight spice of the chorizo and the mildness of the potatoes (that soak up some of the sausage flavor) is out of this world.

Family Style Restaurants are the Best Places to Try These Breakfasts

So the best breakfasts we have had in Mexico are found in little family restaurants off the main streets of any tourist destination. Now that you know what to order, what locals love to eat for their first meal of the day, start exploring. Find a little hole in the wall, or a local plastic table laden restaurant and look for these breakfasts items. You might stumble upon something just as authentic and just as delicious during your breakfast adventure.

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