Tulum is a magical town that offers endless opportunities to experience new adventures and places.

The Tulum Mermaid Adventure is one of our favorite Tulum experiences because it is relaxing, fun, and help you rediscover the wonder and awe of your inner child. Let Loco Gringo and Princess Starfinia be your guides in making your dreams come true.

Welcoming Adventure

Tulum Merman

The Tulum Mermaid Adventure is designed to help you discover your inner child.

This is not a “girls-only” experience. Mermen can join in and be in touch with the inner fish too because the Tulum Mermaid Adventure requires a certain level of strength that anyone can tap into.

Due to the nature of activities and experience, we do not recommend this tour for little kids. Teenagers and older children, however, can be part of it. All you need is know how to swim, although, you will be learning a new way to do it. We ask you to keep your mind and your heart open for this to make the best of this experience, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

A Statement Of Freedom

Mermaid meditation

The Tulum Mermaid Adventure is a journey to your own heart through the magic of water.

The journey begins by meeting with Princess Starfinia, the Lead Mermaid. She has a vibrant personality and an immense heart. She won’t miss a thing and will go beyond what is possible to ensure you have a wonderful time.

The van driver and the rest of the team are equally accommodating. They make the ride to the river-like and magical cenote enjoyable. Once on site, you will receive your mermaid name and itinerary for the tour. Then, the team provides a buffet of healthy and delicious snacks — filling, but light enough to keep you moving in the water.

Next, you learn to float like a Mermaid. While we strongly recommend this activity for travelers who know how to swim, swimming noodles are provided for those who are not comfortable in deep water.

A special vibe happens about midway through the experience. Suddenly, you feel lighter and more connected to your surroundings. It feels like nothing you have experienced before. You realize the need to let go, and once you do, amazing things can happen. You lose your fears and inhibitions. That is when you can experience true freedom.

It becomes an act of self-love and self-acceptance that makes this experience even more unique. It is not about getting into a mermaid suit and swimming. The whole trip is more like a spiritual journey, to overcome the fear of depths, to discover your internal strength and beauty.

Putting on fish scales on your face is just the beginning. While everyone experiences an internal change differently as a result of exploring the Tulum Mermaid Adventure, definitely feel liberated as a result. It is the trip you didn’t know you needed until you tried. You have an opportunity to discover what was missing in your heart, maybe for your whole life, and you get to learn during a regular vacation that it will change your life forever.

Book Your Mermaid Experience In Advance

Mermaid couple

Booking in advance is key to making the best of your Tulum Mermaid adventure.

The current rate is $100 USD per person and subject to change according to the season. Equipment, snacks, water, and transportation from the Tulum Pueblo are included in the price.

To make sure everyone gets a personalized experience is very important to keep the groups small. Usually, the transportation is for no more than 8 to 10 people, and it stays the same for the whole Mermaid experience. Private groups, special celebrations, Bachelorette parties and more, are more than welcome if scheduled in advance.

The whole day trip takes around four hours. We recommend you bring your bathing suit, towel, accessories (if you want) to complete your Mermaid look. The rest is provided by the staff and Princess Starfinia. After the adventure, you will receive digital photos and video.

Any need can be accommodated if you let us know before taking the trip. To request a quote and transportation from and to your vacation home, please email us at [email protected] We will be more than happy to be part of your Mermaid adventure.

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