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Originally from a failing tourist town in Washington State, an offhand comment prompted a friend to tell Margo about a management opportunity in Xamach Dos in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. In just four days after speaking with the owner of the property, she arrived ready to work. She had no electricity and had to take a 2-hour drive just for groceries, and this was in 2006.

Margo finds the small town of Punta Allen inspiring due to the multi-generational Mayan families and eccentric expats who visit in the winter months. She says it has six really good restaurants, and the Serenidad Shardon hotel is nice, especially for sports fishermen who want to pick up a Grand Slam of tarpon, permits and bonefish. During the boat ride to Punta Allen, many of the 350 species of birds of the area can be seen as well.

Margo found herself spending a lot of time on travel blogs, including Loco Gringo, during the day and hanging out listening to local music at night. People started to fall in love with her life and wanted to know more about it. After a forum reader asked her about being a masseuse, she ended up with eight massage appointments within two hours.

Margo’s passion is something she calls My Feel Good Way. A fun and easy way for massage clients to lower chronic pain and stress. She is currently working on a book, online classes, and she also has personal retreats. 

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