Love at the beach in the Riviera Maya – February is love month!

Posted February 1, 2013 by Kay Walten in Riviera Maya Destinations

love on the beach photo in the Riviera Maya

We are torn, it is love at the beach in the Riviera Maya or is it loving the beach in the Riviera Maya. We admit it is both as we love, love, love the beaches in the Riviera Maya and know that there is always love at the beach in the Riviera Maya.

February is the month of love, and love can mean many different things to different people. Instead of pinpointing one February love we looked at all of the lovin’ that is had at our front doorstep, and believe you me there is a lot of lovin’!

What makes the Riviera Maya so unique is this diversity. The love that people find, bring, experience or share is as diverse as the landscape, activities and vacation options in the area. What we also love is that each definition of love is accepted. No one is here to judge, no one is here to comment, no one is here to share their opinion. What we all have in common is the celebration of how you decide to share your lovin’ on your vacation or the activity that brings on that great lovin’ feeling!

7 ways people share or express love in the Riviera Maya

1. Destination weddings – On any day, on any beach, you will witness the exchange of vows on a beach in the Riviera Maya. Whether it be a legal ceremony, a cultural shaman ceremony, or just an exchange of words with your friends and family as witnesses, the Riviera Maya is the top spot for destination weddings. It is a pleasure to witness this expression of love between two people who choose the beach to exchange their vows. Whether it be at a resort, on a secluded beach or a top the Tulum ruins overlooking the ocean, destination weddings are a joy, and joy to watch!

2. Together time – With daily demands at home and the world moving faster and faster with the onset of technology, very seldom do we get together time anymore. Together time is down time where you can just be, where you can share space and time without any interruptions. The beach is a great place to do this and you will find that the sun, the sand, and the waves are the perfect back drop for your together time with a spouse, a partner, your bff or a family member. Who ever you choice to have together time with, getting away from your routine really provides some quality time with that special person.

3. Appreciation vacations – we love these vacations where you plan a vacation as an appreciation for someone. This could be a group of people or just one person. The motivation is to take some time out to appreciate those who are close to you, those who do nice things for you or those who have been supportive of a life event or just the daily grind. Appreciation goes a long way and what a better way to do than to share in a unique experience where you can build long-lasting memories.

4. Family vacations – With the global economy displacing family members all over the continent or the world, a family inspired vacation is a nice way to get everyone together in one place, at one time without one family member taking on the burden of having to cook, clean and house a large family gathering. Pick a hotel or villa, and get those invites out there so you can spend a week or just a few days of good quality family time. If you are all traveling out of the same airport (oh how lucky you are) inquire about group discount airline tickets for that large family gatherings.

5. Alone time – This may be a strange idea for some but alone time can be the greatest expression of love to everyone around you! Taking a time out, a weekend, a week or in some cases a few weeks, can be the best break anyone can give to themselves and others. What we love about the Riviera Maya is that you can travel on your own, easily, inexpensively and without worry. Single female travelers come to the Riviera Maya all the time as they know that solo traveling is an acceptable and ordinary practice in the area. Single male travelers also find ways to have great adventures and find travel mates if you find the alone time gets too much. You will feel refreshed and alive when you return home ready to tackle the world!

6. Love at first sight -  we hear these stories all the time. People have found their soul mates while vacationing in the Riviera Maya! True, true and all true. Though we hate to name names, a month does not go by without hearing a great love at first sight story that happened on a beach in the Riviera Maya. Just this week someone extended their vacation to spend time with someone who they met. what amazes us is that these fairy tales really do turn into real relationships that last. We get invites to weddings where couples come back to the place where they met to get married and celebrate the place where they found love. We don’t know what it is about the Riviera Maya but there seems to be some special energy here that just puts the right people in the right places at the right time.

7. Adventure travel – adventure travel whether it be through diving, snorkeling, cultural experiences or just something new to you is a great expression of love for the local culture in the Riviera Maya. What makes this area so much fun is the different things you can do to support your need for new and learn about another way of life. This is a wonderful expression of love, for your own being and the local culture that loves to share what they do everyday. Adventure is a love for the unknown, the new and the challenging. Give yourself some lovin’ and those traveling with you and open up your hearts to something new and different!

Love is many a wonderous thing – take a love vacation and see what transpires!

Love is not just about romantic love, or destination weddings. Love reaches way beyond that as a passion, a need, a feeling, and an experience. That experience can be with others or it can be alone. What we do know, is the beach, the sun and the waves seem to bring out that feeling of love in some unique and interesting ways. The Riviera Maya seems to pull love out of us, makes us smile and keeps us happy. Love is pleasure and we can guarantee that you will find pleasure while in the Riviera Maya! Just take a look at our photos of the area and tell us if you could not find pleasure, and love sitting on a beach in the Riviera Maya.

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