New Loco Gringo Bucket List Items for the Adventurous

New Loco Gringo Bucket List Items for the Adventurous

Have you planned a trip the Riviera Maya but are scratching your head about what to do during your vacation? We have a trusted Bucket List of Adventures that we sent to all of our guests but we thought it was time for an update. Here are some new adventures you might want to check out in addition to our original suggestions.

Loco Gringo Bucket List Adventures 2016

1. Ojos Mayas – This is a great off the beaten track full day adventure that takes you into small Mayan villages in the south. No one else has a tour like this, which is built on relationships with local Maya people, not economics. Learn firsthand information about the Caste War from one of a handful of survivors. Learn the importance and craft of bee keeping which has been a Mayan tradition for centuries. Learn natural medicine from a true female natural doctor that heals ailments with indigenous plants. This is the real deal and we encourage you to check it out.

2. Little Mexican Cooking School – This is the Cooking School that could! Learn traditional Mexican cooking but also learn how Mexican culinary arts intertwine with its history, the environment, people and places. This is one of the best cooking classes on the coast that will have you coming back for more!

3. Haciendas – Most of us dream about staying at a local Yucatecan Hacienda. Well, there are DIY adventures that take you to little known but operational Haciendas throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. We are putting this all together as we speak, so get ready for more information about the Haciendas – the good, bad and the contemporary role of Haciendas in 2016.

If you were on the Loco Gringo Team what would you want to add to the LG Bucket List of Adventures? Let us know.

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