Loco Gringo Adventure – Misol Ha Falls in Chiapas

On previous trips to Chiapas we stopped by Agua Azul, a great waterfall found just south of Palenque en route to San Cristobal de las Casas. Our recent trip had us stopping at Misol Ha Falls, another natural wonder of Chiapas.

Misol Ha is located just before Agua Azul. Though the falls are smaller, they are by no means less spectacular. Bring your bathing suit, wear good rubber soled shoes or hiking boots, and remember your camera. the falls are the highlight but there are places to explore beyond the falls.

Misol Ha Falls in Chiapas

The falls are an extension of the Misol Ha River. The water cascades nearly 120 feet/35 meters into a fresh water pool below. The pool itself is up to 45 feet/15 meters deep.

Visitors can walk behind the falls and adventures can hike over to the cave located just to south of the falls.

Misol Ha Falls in Chiapas

A local restaurant is on site and there is an entrance fee to see the falls. This was a spectacular stop when you are heading to Palenque. So glad we took the time to explore this treasured natural wonder.

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