Local Interview – Gessie from Riviera Maya Groceries

We love the people who live in our little pueblo of Akumal, Gessie from Riviera Maya Groceries being one of those special locals. Gessie is fun, loves the area and has been a good friend over the years. I love her perspective and thought you would as well.

What, in your opinion, makes this part of Mexico unique and worth visiting?
This part of Mexico has a lot to offer! Every place in this area is unique, even if at first sight it seems all the same; beautiful ocean and beaches, really nice hotels and great night life, jungle and cenotes. But the Riviera Maya is more than that; every corner of this place has something magical. People can find adventure, relax, enjoy nature, history and nightlife all at the same time! The “only problem” is to choose what to do!

What’s the story behind your business?

I started my business 6 years ago when a good friend of mine gave me this idea. I wasn’t sure this was the job for me but as soon as I started to create the website I felt it was something good and a nice service for people on holiday! People love the service. Arriving to your vacation rental house to find drinks and food already there without having to worry about stopping at the supermarket makes everything easy! I am happy to know that clients are satisfied with the service. Their opinion and enjoyment is really important to me.

What do you do when you’re not working?

It might sound obvious, but I like to relax on the beach when I can! I love Akumal Bay and Xpu ha Beach. I workout almost every day for an hour and when I need time for myself I like to walk on the beach listening to my favorite music or read a good book. Nothing is more important though than spending quality time with the people I love, as my friends are my family here.

What are some of the little-known places in Riviera Maya worth visiting, experiencing, discovering?

I hope there are still some places that are not well known! There are a lot of caletas (where fresh water runs into the sea) along the coast and they are so peaceful that they seems to be in another world. I also recommend the boat tours in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere.

If you had to pick one Mexican song that everyone should listen to at least once, what would it be?

If I have to pick one Mexican song I pick Cielito Lindo!

If you could give one piece of advice to people traveling to Mexico for the first time, what would it be?

If you are a first time traveler to Mexico, my first advice is :ENJOY!

Enjoy the culture, the food, cervezas, tequilas and margaritas, the nature and the ocean. You need to be “open” to explore and take advantage of everything that this place has to offer!

What makes living in Riviera Maya so special?

Living in the Riviera Maya is special because people are friendly, the land is amazing and there is always something new to do or try! You can never get bored or complain there is nothing to do! It is a gift to have the chance to know a culture so important and live in this place.

Riviera Maya Groceries is a great service that only benefits your vacation. Check out what they do and how they will make your vacation just that much easier!

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