A Local Find! A Puerto Morelos Sunday Food Find!

Puerto Morelos Cochinta Pibil

Sunday, Sunday….I can hear Al Roker saying this rhyme in the way he can only say on the Today Show. Sunday…..Sunday. Well, Puerto Morelos has a local food find in the town square each and every Sunday. Maybe we should invite Al to join in on this Sunday Funday Food Find!

Each Sunday a group of local men from the Colonia wheel a huge batch of cochinita pibil into the town square. For 24 hours they cooked pork in an achiote sauce with peppers, onions and tomatoes. The entire dish is wrapped in banana leaves, slow cooked in an earthen oven called a pib, and the final product is unveiled in the town square for everyone’s enjoyment. If you have had pulled pork, this is pretty close to pulled pork, only better. The slow cooked pork is served on tortillas. Salsa is not needed as the juices from the pork are the salsa. BUT, pickled red onions are the icing on this tortilla. This Yucatecan specialty, pickled onions, makes the Cochinta Pibil amazing.

Puerto Morelos Cochinta Pibil

How to Find the Sunday Food Special in Puerto Morelos

The Cochinta Pibil cooks are found in the main town square overlooking the beach each Sunday. Their tricycle is their ‘food truck’. Tacos are served at 8:00 am and when the last cochinita pibil taco is served they are done. Adios y hasta el proximo Domingo! Bring pesos as this is a cash deal. Bring your friends and family ’cause they are going to want to try this foodie find. There is nothing worse than having someone rave about their meal and not sharing in the experience.

Puerto Morelos is just south of Cancun, 20 north of Playa del Carmen and 45 minutes north of Akumal. Tulum is about an hour away. There are lot of other places for breakfast or coffee in Puerto Morelos to enjoy on your Sunday outing. Check out local restaurant listings or read about the Sunday Mayan Market at Ixchel Spa in the Colonia.

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