Local Community Tour Companies

We are big fans of community tour companies no matter where we travel in the world. Supporting local communities while learning about local traditions, culture and history is how we have been traveling forevah! This passion does not change when we tour around the Riviera Maya. We love to hop in the car and just go, I think you can gather that from our articles and itineraries, but we also know that we can learn more about the area through community tours. There are hundreds of people who have more cultural and historical information than we do, who have lived for generations in the area. We love tracking these groups down and learning from them. Community Tours are the way to dig deeper, grow your understanding and participate in local communities. The relational and economic impact these tours have on local families and in our case friends, cannot be put into words. You cannot get more local than this.

Community Tour Groups Worth Checking Out

There are many Community Tours that we support. We have put a starter list together for you to investigate so you find the right tour, the right subject matter or activity that interests you. Some tours are more cultural, some are more historical, some are more environmental and activity related. We love them all!

Community Tourism in Hidalgo – The focus of this tour is traditional and community music. Learn how local instruments are made, listen to traditional music, and enjoy a concert by candle light in a cenote. Contact Don Guzman: 984 807-0427 or Don Hernan 984 125-0533

Casa Itzama in Coba Pueblo – This community tour is all about natural healing and relaxation. Relax with a local massage and use their medicinal bath filled with local herbs. Learn about the healing powers of local bee honey, Mayan plants, and which local foods will help your health. All services and explanations are conducted by Mayan elders and women that live in the Pueblo of Coba. Contact Casa Itzama directly at [email protected]

Adventure Cooperative of Beej ka’ax ha Kantemo – This is a true adventure day where you immerse yourself in the caverns and lagoons of Kantemo. Enter the Serpent Cave where you can observe various indigenous snake species, kayak and canoe through the lagoon. This is what we call a photo safari, and well worth the adventure. Contact 997 977-4487 or 997 977-4920

Sian Ka’an Community Tours – Learn more about the UNESCO Biosphere, the Sian Ka’an. This tour has you walking in the jungle, swimming in the lagoon, teaching visitors about the local plants and birds, and observing the local art form of Chicleros, men who harvest the gum from local Chicle trees. Contact Roman Caamal 984 145-6148

Local Tulum Community Tours – Manuel is a long time friend and great guide. He is the guide to hire if you want to learn more about local communities and activities in Tulum. His tours range from working with Chicleros to harvest resin from the chicle tree, to in depth tours of the Sian Ka’an. His tours change monthly so email him and see what he is offering during your visit. Contact Manuel at [email protected]mail.com

Mayan Community Tours with Ojos Mayas – Tour with an English speaking friend into the heart of Mayan communities. Angel is a long time friend who loves to support local communities and their heritage. His passion for the area is hard to find, so hook up with him and dive into local arts, culture, history and communities. Check out his website at http://www.ojosmayas.com/.

Travel with Friends Off the Beaten Track!

There are more community tours to be found. We are continuing to investigate more and more tours for you to enjoy. Check back for our updates on the Local Scoop!

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