Living Pet Friendly In Riviera Maya

Who wouldn´t like to travel with their beloved furry friends? There is just something exciting about the idea of traveling with them and make them part of our holidays. There are not many destinations in the world that offer services designed for them or for us when traveling with them. Thankfully, this is not the case of Riviera Maya, everything here was created to make the life of travelers as easy and relax as possible.

And yes taking a vacation somewhere you don´t know, might sound risky. More if you add the challenge of bringing your dog or cat with you, but trust us locals when we say; for every problem you have, we already found 100 solutions. We hope this information is helpful for you and gives you a better idea of how stress-free, traveling with pets to Riviera Maya, can be.

Pet Friendly Taxi Service

Dog in the van

One less thing to worry about is transportation from the Airport to your Vacation home, this is not hard to find once you know who to call or where to search. Taxi Cab offer Pet Friendly transportation from the Airport to anywhere from Cancun to Tulum and sometimes even Merida area. The rates are also pocket friendly and drivers are just as in love with pets as we all are (probably more). They have over 17 different cabs to provide the service and they usually take last minute calls requesting the service.

Taxi Pet is also another company that we love, they were pioneers in pet friendly cab services in Riviera Maya and built the path for the new competition. These guys know by heart driving directions to every Veterinary, Grooming place, Park or even contact information for special services like parties or cakes for pets. Their service is incredible and their rates are also very affordable. For reservations with them you can send an email to [email protected]

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Beach Dog

One of the main things to consider when taking your pet for holidays, it’s lodging. Loco Gringo represent many properties that welcome dogs or cats. Playa Blanca for example, well located and the perfect scenario for your pet to go nuts playing on the beach. Petit Lafitte is another pet friendly property that is incredibly beautiful and spacious. The list is long and you get to choose the best one that fits yours and your family needs.

All pet friendly options are designed to provide enough space for the entire family, for you to be as comfortable as possible. Whether you need something fancy or more practical, a house away from the noise and people or with friendly neighbors, you will find it with us. If you are still thinking you might not find the right place for your dream vacation with your pet, think again! Try searching for top properties in Riviera Maya that are Pet Friendly, and if you are having questions or need more information about the one you have chosen, let our expert team assist you.

Pet Friendly Restaurants And Bars

Dogs at the Bar

Now to the good stuff, entertainment. We have listed the best places to gather with friends or family and having a beer, eat or just chat and meet other people who might be traveling with their pets just like yourself. All of these restaurants provide of course drinkable water and some of them even have snacks or treats for them, like La Burgeria that also organize special events for kids and dogs. Pet friendly sites are becoming more and more popular and it was about time. Playa del Carmen, Akumal or Tulum are well known for having the coolest Restaurants and Bars, the best thing? Some of them are on the beach.

Playabar was recently opened, the place is huge and has 3 levels where dogs can sniff, play or rest if they want to. They have upbeat music, an great selection of cocktails and a cool set of DJ´s.  El Hongo Restaurant is locally known by the exquisite Mexican options and cultural activities. Food is not to miss and of course doggies are more than welcome. La Buena Vida in Akumal is also great option with amazing views of the ocean, great ambiance and your pet can play while you grab something to eat from their excellent menu choices. Co.Con Amor, La Hoja Verde and Restaurare are not only pet friendly but also provide vegetarian, vegan and celiac options on their menus. They also have little markets if you are into organic ingredients or environmental friendly products.

Last but not less important, where to go if your best pal gets sick? Well we have a few Vets available on call 24/7 but we highly recommend the services of Animal Clinic, They will take excellent care of your furry friend, it is a non-profit animal clinic and hospital. They cover from basic service like vaccines and deworming to surgeries and hospitalization.

Now you are fully informed about the pet friendly services in the area, don´t waste any more time looking for the perfect destination for your whole family. Riviera Maya sure has it all!

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