Life And Death Festival-Cultural Epicness At Xcaret

One of the best things about this beautiful area is that everybody feels welcomed no matter what their traditions are. We have travelers wanting to celebrate Halloween and others wanting to celebrate Day of the Dead. And they will get to celebrate both, as Riviera Maya is multi-cultural and it includes traditions and culture instead of excluding them.

We are over the top for having the honor to be part of such an amazing celebration one more time. Xcaret is organizing the 11th edition of Life and Death festival, which is a celebration in honor of Dia de los Muertos Mexican celebration. We are only days away from the first day of the festival so we recommend you to treasure this piece of information for you and your family to be part of this incredible celebration.

Xcaret Traditions

Skulls xcaret

First of all, it cannot be Dia de los Muertos without food and Xcaret is totally aware of that. Food stands are everywhere (pretty much every two steps). The scent at the park is simply delicious; sugar skulls, hot chocolate, fresh bread, tacos, mole, enchiladas and the craziest variety of tamales you can imagine. All recently baked, grilled or cooked and the list of authentic food also includes a great selection of mezcal, tequila and the best boost in the area.

Life and Death festival has as a main goal to share Mexico´s culture with everyone visiting the area. The festival is focused on supporting local business and gather travelers and Mayan community to know about each other´s culture. This also help the local communities to maintain their traditions and to continue passing them to the next generations.

Life And Death Activities

skull face xcaret

The park Xcaret is King when talking about traditional and cultural activities. Everybody is guaranteed to enjoy the program during the 4 days that the festival lasts. It is not coincidence that Xcaret park now has 4 days to celebrate the Life and Death festival, the activities are just endless!. Skulls decorations, folklore dancing, theater, musical performances and concerts, authentic meals all day long, altars, contests, workshops and a special program for the kids to join the festivities, learn about the culture and make new friends.

The Life and Death festival at Xcaret will start on October 30th and will end on November 2nd. From 3:00pm to 7:00pm the activities will start simultaneously, so we highly recommend you to check the program first and choose the time and location for the ones you would like to be part of.

Celebrate Like A True Local

Xcaret altar

1.- Locate the nearest grocery store between October 29th and November 2nd, then buy the items and create your own altar.

2.- Buy hot chocolate or make one with milk and hard chocolate bars (Local´s favorite is “Abuelita” brand).

3.- Get some Marigold flowers, use their petals to decorate altars and create a path from the entrance of your house (vacation home) to the altar.

4.- Pictures of your beloved ones are a MUST for the altar.

5.- Decorate your altar with seasonal fruits, bread of the dead, hot chocolate, sweets and boost that your beloved ones use to like.

6.- If everything fails, locate the closest local person and follow them until they give you at least one tamale from an Altar.

7.- You can also contact your [email protected] that will arrange a reservation for you to attend Xcaret´s Life and Death festival.

To make the most of the Life and Death festival, please download the Program to organize the activities for your visit. Or BUY the ticket to access the park during the festival. As extra tip, we suggest you to bring enough cash to purchase souvenirs and try the specialties at food stands. It is also important to ask for a map of the park to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

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