Lets Celebrate the Iconic Tricycle!

Tricycle in Playa del Carmen

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As many of you know Playa del Carmen had a humble beginning as a small fishing village on the Mexican Caribbean coast. Back in the day, the tricycle was the main mode of transportation that had been adapted by locals and soon became an icon in the area.

The Versatile Vehicle

In the early days, the tricycle was used to move cargo from the ships at dock. Later, the tricycle was the most popular method for moving tourists’ luggage and dive gear to and fro from the intersection of Av. Juarez with 5th Avenue to the ferry dock. Trikes have also been used to carry merchandise by artisans who set up their tables to hawk their wares to tourists. You could even say these three wheeled vehicles are the predecessor to the modern day food truck, selling everything from fresh fruit juices (Aguas Frescas) to cochinita pibil tacos to delivering fresh bread.

trike aqua frescas

Fishermen have been known for using tricycles to literally peddle their catch-of-the-day to restaurants surrounding 5th. Avenue. Dive shops also use trikes to move dive gear to the beach where it is then loaded up onto the dive boat. In short, the tricycle has been a fundamental part of everyone’s’ life in Playa del Carmen.

It is for all this, and much more, that an event has been created to celebrate the odd numbered velocipede but more so as a symbol of the people of Playa del Carmen.

Join us!

The First Annual Tricycle Festival to be held on Saturday, July 22, 2017, from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., a project created and developed by Quinta Magazine.

Click here for the parade route.

The parade is inspired by the history of these three-wheelers but also seeks to celebrate the of families, local businesses and other organizations in the community. The Annual Tricycle Fest will provide visitors with the opportunity to experience the local culture and foods of one of the greatest little cities on this coast.

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5649diving trike

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trike festival


Big shout of thanks to Quinta Magazine for the information about the festival.  Photos of the trikes by Russ Teaches on Flickr

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