How to Lead a ‘Xuperb’ Life in the Riviera Maya with Jorie Maloney

Jorie Maloney

My guest this week, Jorie Maloney, finds the family-friendly atmosphere in Puerto Morelos a great place to live and raise her son. Jorie’s art, entrepreneurial spirit, and big heart have also been major factors in building a fulfilling life in the local community.

As a child, Jorie lived in the dramatically different landscape of Baja on Mexico’s western coast. When she came to the Riviera Maya, she was pregnant with her first child, and uncertain of how her new life would play out. After only four short years of living in Puerto Morelos, she created the thriving Puerto Morelos Market, which includes 60 vendors who sell their food and designs to visitors who want to buy custom made crafts, a prosperous art business, Xuperb Designs, and has become the Acting Director of Riviera Rescue, an animal sanctuary dedicated to rehabilitating dogs in distress.

To make the most out of your trip to the Riviera Maya Jorie recommends:

  • Visiting one of the 40 accessible dive sites that are a part of the Marine Parks in Puerto Morelos. There are many opportunities for first time, and experienced, divers to discover a sunken military ship, and to become surrounded by eagle rays that frequently swarm the area. Jorie says it’s also incredibly easy to hire a panga (a small boat), and snorkel spot for the day.
  • Visiting the Cenotes where you can swim in a magical, fresh water pool in a hidden spot in the jungle. Jorie’s favorite is at Kin-Ha, which is part of the Ruta de Cenotes route near Puerto Morelos.
  • Eating breakfast at El Nicho. El Nicho is one of the only restaurants in the area to offer Eggs Benedict. Jorie attributes the meal as being a driving factor in her moving to Puerto Morelos. The owners also support local artists by displaying art on the walls inside.
  • Visiting the family friendly town and beaches of Puerto Morelos. The reef along the coast keeps the waves small for swimming with youngsters, and the playgrounds surrounding town square make the day enjoyable for the entire family.

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