Is Your Soul Calling You to Tulum? With Kelli Reese

Kelli Reese

The energy of Tulum called out to this week’s guest, Kelli Reese. She had been feeling vibrationally out of alignment in her marriage and 17-year career in Northern California. During a visit to Tulum, Kelli felt the energetic pull of Tulum and the surrounding area. She knew she must take whatever actions necessary to follow her destiny and move to the Riviera Maya.

When Kelli’s soul profile in her Akashic Records confirmed her path, she quit her job and followed her heart to Tulum. Kelli currently uses her ability to read a person’s soul history Akashic Records to guide others to their destiny in her Life Coach practice and in her new book, The Destiny Road Map: The Little Guidebook to Face Your Fears, Embrace Change and Follow Your Heart. She also offers online readings.

She says she has reconnected to her true self in Tulum and when she needs to find peace away from the frequent construction dust in the area she heads to The Coba Ruins, she visits with a local Shaman for a Mayan cleansing in Temazcal and she submerges her body in the healing waters of the Caribbean waters.

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