We have the pleasure of gathering every year all the exciting events and celebrations in Riviera Maya. However, Dia de Los Muertos is closer to our hearts, the month when we honor our beloved ones who departed too soon. The whole vibe changes into something more meaningful and special, altars, offerings, prayers, and families together to celebrate life and death. If you are one of the lucky ones in the area and are spending your holidays in Mexico, you are in for a treat. Our beautiful streets decorated with flowers and skulls, homes smelling like hot chocolate and traditional bread of the dead. This time of the year is ideal for travelers to experience the spiritual side of Mexico.

Honoring Our Traditions At Oscar & Lalo Restaurant

Oscar and lalo's

For two days the magnificent Oscar & Lalo’s restaurant will be our dream host for Dia de Los Muertos celebration. This event will be like no others in the past, combining costume contests, the most exquisite and authentic menu and of course fun activities for the family. The chance to win up to $5,000 pesos in prizes with costume contest and talent contest. Tombs decorations, making altars, fire pits, roasted marsh mellows, dancing, live music, and many more surprises. On October 31st the spirits of children will be honored with altars. Along with costume contest and other kid’s activities. On November 2nd, the adult spirits will be honored with altars, talent contest, sugar skulls, face painting, and dancing.
The whole restaurant will be beautifully decorated with marigold flowers (typical of Dia de Los Muertos). Skeleton, skulls, paper decorations, fruits, and incense, creating a unique ambiance part of the invitation for spirits to come and visit us during these sacred days. There are different rates to join the celebration at Oscar & Lalo’s Restaurant:

  • Promotional Traditional Día de Los Muertos Dinner, Drink & Entrance to Party:
    Adult $500.00 Pesos ($25USD) Child $200.00 Pesos (10USD)
  • Drink & Entrance to Party Only:
    Adult $200.00 Pesos ($10USD) Child $100.00 Pesos (5USD)
  • Entrance to Party Only:
    Adult $200.00 Pesos ($10USD) Child  $100.00 Pesos (5USD)

We highly recommend Oscar & Lalo’s restaurant for families who wish to be part of something as authentic as Dia de Los Muertos celebration. If you are staying in Akumal, Halfmoon Bay, Tankah, Tulum, or anywhere in Riviera Maya, transportation can be arranged. Just please make sure you contact us as soon as possible to guarantee availability and confirm your reservation. Call us 512 782 9878 or e-mail us [email protected]

A Festival That Became Part Of The Tradition

Xcaret Mexico

Attending to the Life And Death Festival at Xcaret Eco Park is also a must-do activity. From past years this Festival has achieved many fans from all over the world, and every year becomes more popular. Travelers from different countries and even National visitors arrive at this Eco Park just to be part of this 4-day massive event, starting on October 30th and ending on November 2nd. During those days you will enjoy endless Yucatecan dishes and many activities. Live music and traditional dancing will steal your heart away and the decoration is simply breathless. Rate per adult go from $99.00 usd and up depending on the type of ticket/access you purchase. If you are interested in buying tickets for your family and arranging transportation for the Festival, please contact us as soon as possible to [email protected] mentioning the number of visitors and preferred date.

Altars, Catrinas And More

Valladolid altar

In Addition to the wonderful events mentioned above, you will be able to find traditional Dia de Los Muertos altars at municipality parks in Playa del Carmen, Valladolid and Tulum. Starting around 6:00 pm on November 1st and 2nd. Playa del Carmen is the host of Catrina’s parade on 5th avenue. This event offers free access to all attendees on Oct 27th. The itinerary starts at 5:00 pm with a collective exposition on the second floor of La Quinta Alegria mall on 5th Avenue and Constituyentes Avenue. Following with Catrina’s parade departing from Paseo del Carmen on 5th Avenue and 1st Street at 6:00 pm. And finalizing with the Festival of Dia de Muertos at 7:30 pm. Where everybody will gather at Plaza 28 de Julio on 10th Street between 15th and 20th Avenues. To enjoy traditional clothing, dancing and live music. If you have any questions about any of these celebrations or want to inquire about another event in the area, To inquire about these or any other Dia de Los Muertos or Halloween celebration do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to provide all the details and be part of your family vacation!

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