Ixchel Jungle Spa-Treatments From The Mayan World

As Mexicans we never cease to being proud of our beautiful land, as locals it is our responsibility to promote the traditions and support our local communities. There are certain projects happening in Riviera Maya and travelers are more than welcome to participate. This goes beyond vacations, it is more than just a holiday. It is an exchange of culture and the more in touch with locals, the greater experience you will take back home.

Now we have the chance to express our admiration to an incredible project that has been part of Puerto Morelos Mayan community. Ixchel Jungle Spa is more than just a business, but the opportunity to discover the authenticity of its people and the richness of its culture.

The Golden Heart Behind The Project

Sandra Dayton

This beautiful project started in 1994 with the vision of Sandra Dayton. She fell in love with local people especially Mayan women, and wanted to create an opportunity for them to benefit themselves socially and financially without giving up their traditions. It took 6 years of workshops for the Mayan women and school projects for their children, to finally become a fully functioning Spa.

The piece of land where Ixchel Jungle Spa is based, was purchased originally in 1998. With dedication and patience the place was soon growing and Mayan women started to provide the services once the installations were completed. Happily the Spa opened its doors in 2004 and now it welcomes travelers from all over the world to treat them with the most exquisite artisan massages.

Mayan Women Offering Treatments

Massage at Jungle Spa

Nobody more professional for massages than the people who has been receiving them since they were born. Mayan communities among other traditions, are used to massage babies since they are in the womb. For them massages have a special meaning and are more focused on healing physically and spiritually. The treatments provided combine the “gift” their ancestors have given them, and many skills that workshops have thought them through the years.

From a regular deep tissue massage to elaborated wraps, you can find any type of treatment your body desires. These women are ready to heal you with their hands and provide an unforgettable experience. The best part is that you wouldn’t have to pay the expensive rates at luxury hotels to get an excellent treatment.

Treat Yourself While Helping Mayan Communities

Folk dance at Ixchel Jungle Spa

The place where Ixchel Jungle Spa is located is kind of magical, surrounded by beautiful trees and scented flowers. The facilities are prepared to take reservations from individuals, couples and even large groups. Each one of them is guaranteed to receive an excellent treatment and personalized service. The community also offers a Sunday market on December with authentic handmade handcraft, lodging at the Bead & Breakfast “Casa Cacahuate” and a folk dance show that gets renewed every year.

The Spa working hours are: Tuesday through Saturday and reservations are taken from 10:00am to 4:00pm. For visitors you can check the map with exact location in Puerto Morelos. Donations are also needed and appreciated, if you have questions or want to donate items for the children or the women part of the community you can contact Sandra Dayton or your personal concierge at [email protected] Thank you for supporting local business and helping Mayan communities to preserve their traditions and culture!

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