Isla Mujeres photo of the day – Sunset on the Island of Women

Posted April 25, 2013 by Kay Walten in Riviera Maya Destinations,Riviera Maya Photos


Isla Mujeres is just north of Cancun. Take a quick ferry ride to the Island of Women and enjoy a Caribbean feel, great beaches, and our favorite, the sunsets. Isla Mujeres is technically outside of the Riviera Maya, but we still love this vacation destination in Mexico. THe island is small, 2 kms in diameter and 8 kms long. Golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation but cars are allowed on the island. Isla Mujeres has a pedestrian avenue similar to that found in Playa del Carmen but it is a shortened version!

Find  vacation rentals up and down the coast in the Riviera Maya or check out Isla Mujeres as a possible vacation destination in Mexico.


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