Isla Holbox Restaurant Review – La Milpa Restaurant


Serendipitous adventures are some of the best, and stumbling upon La Milpa Restaurant on Isla Holbox recently was one of those moments.

To make a very long story short, we had one night on Isla Holbox and our group decided to visit a long time favorite Italian restaurant on the island. We called to make a reservation at this popular place, hopped into our golf cart taxi, and off we went. We arrived in the town square, walked to where we thought the restaurant was, only to find a new one in its place. Hmmmm.

So we called back and asked where they had moved to. Much to our surprise the conversation went very differently than we thought. The number we called was not for our favorite Italian restaurant, it was a new Mexican restaurant called La Milpa, and they could only hold our reservation for a few minutes. We had to make a decision. We decided to try La Milpa. Why not? What we learned later was that this was the right decision and we would not regret it.

What to Expect from La Milpa Restaurant

La Milpa is located just off the town square in Isla Holbox. Our previous culinary experiences on the island have been good, but nothing that rocked the house. As we stepped into La Milpa we knew we were up for something different.

This little restaurant is cool. The waitress/hostess could not have been more gracious. The mixologist behind their bar knowledgeable, cute and helpful. His focus was as intense as an artist creating a masterpiece. Once we had our cocktail, we all agreed. It was a masterpiece.

The menu is well balanced with both meat and fish. We decided to all order something different so we could taste each others meals. That was the best decision of the night, as we had no idea what was waiting in the wings for us. No idea.

The masterpieces created by the mixologist are complimented by the culinary creations of the kitchen. This team has thought through your dining experience like no other. From the moment you are greeted to the moment you leave, the entire evening is seamless and effortless.

What We Ate at La Milpa Restaurant

I don’t think I can put this meal into words. We walked in with no expectations, and left with a new perspective on Mexican food. The photos below are the best way to describe our experience. The chef is famous for his deconstruction of traditional Mexican food, with outstanding presentation.

One of our appetizers came to the table like this. With a bit of instruction from our server we cracked this baby open.

The result was this:

This felt a bit like Jackson Pollock on a plate.


The short rib tacos were great!


And how can you not be impressed with this staring up at you.


La Milpa Details and Directions

La Milpa is half a block off the main town square on Calle Palomino. Reservations are a must as people book far in advance to get a table. Have Paulina call the restaurant at 984 875 2026. They are open Tuesday to Sunday from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

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