Intimate portrait of the Good Life – Luxury Vacations in the Riviera Maya

‘You have to dream before your dreams can come true – A.P.J Abdul Kalam’

We all dream and we all dream of things that eventually we can have. My dream was to move to the Riviera Maya, and eventually we did. Many of our LG friends dream of the ultimate luxury vacation that includes an amazing place to stay, but also includes all the bells and whistles that a luxury vacation should have, for them.


The Riviera Maya is laid back, but there are some extremely luxurious vacation options that constitute the Good Life. Here are a few of the luxurious vacation options that you can start dreaming about and make into a reality.

Chef Service in Your Villa


This is a great service when vacationing with the family. Local chefs offer this luxury service butnot necessarily at a luxury price. All chefs have a variety of recipes, so they cook both international meals alongside local favorites. Think farm to table or sea to table at each meal. Fresh local ingredients are whipped up while you walk on the beach, swim in the pool or return from an excursion. No need to shop, this is taken care of. No need to prep, this is taken care of. And there is no need to clean up, this for sure is taken care of. And your chef service happens day in and day out during your vacation. Luxury. We have a list of chef services that you can dream about and when you are ready to exercise this option for your vacation.

Spa Treatments for Him and Her

Local resorts have incredible spas and you don’t have to be a resort guest to enjoy this spa luxury. Many resort spas are open to the public, so you and your partner can enjoy a full day spa treatment that uses local natural ingredients. Take away the toxins, enjoy a deep massage, use their steam bath, get a mani -pedi and then stroll onto the beach. Local spas are out of this world, and treating both of you to a day of healthy luxury is just the ticket to get rid of your work woes. Check out the spa at the Grand Velas for a truly luxurious experience.

Luxury Dining Overlooking the Sea

We regularly talk about food trucks, street food, and local dining deals but the Riviera Maya has its host of internationally known chefs that can deliver incredible meals. We love to treat ourselves every so often and really have had some over the top experiences. The latest restaurant that we are dying to try is La Chique Restaurant in the Azul Sensatori near Puerto Morelos. Their exclusive tasting menu includes wine pairing. The dining experience is described as modernist cuisine, where nothing is as it seems. Foods are deconstructed then reconstructed to resemble something else. Spheres are cocktails. Entrées masquerade as dessert. In fact, everything on Le Chique’s seasonal tasting menu was designed to puzzle, amuse and amaze you.

Private Tours to Mayan Ruins, Local Historical Sites

There is something to be said about your own private tour to Chichen Itza, Coba, Valladolid, Tulum, or the Sian Kaan. For a premium, most tour operators cater to those who want a guide who will cater to their every need, without the hassle of large tour buses or groups of people you don’t know. Pick where you want to go and find the right tour guide to bring you to a favored or new place. If you ask our concierge Paulina what you are looking for, she has a great list of private tour guides who will hook you up with a fantastic day.

Super cool attractions and experiences

Exotic Car Rentals Riviera Maya

So you want to rent a Lamborghini, or drive a Porsche like a race car driver. Did you ever want to take a private plane to Chichen Itza, or just have an aerial tour of the Riviera Maya. These types of luxury tours and experiences are in the Riviera Maya. They are pricey but they are worth it. We have taken a private plane to Chichen Itza and it was magnificent. Driving a world class car on a private race track, or to a local attractions is also super cool. We have also taken an aerial tour of the entire Riviera Maya coast, two hours in total, and it is a tour that we will never forget. AeroSaab has private planes for hire and let you design your trip. Exotic Cars has a host of luxury cars for rent that can be driven on a track at race card speed or driven along local highways for a super exotic tour of the area.

Make that luxury dream come true in the Riviera Maya

If someone has a dream, and it can come true in the Riviera Maya, we suggest that you do one dream each trip. Renting a private plane on one trip is something you can save up for and enjoy. Deciding to have one luxurious night out on your vacation is also a luxury you can splurge on. You don’t have to do it all in one trip! Just do one luxury item on a trip and you will feel that the entire trip is one big luxury…there are only a few of us that can have it all BUT there are a lot of us that can treat ourselves to one luxurious treat each time we visit.

Talk to our concierge about your one time luxury option that will take a dream to reality sooner than you think.

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