Hunt for the True Flavors of Mexico

So you’re on the hunt for some authenticity, true flavors and local experiences. The Riviera Maya has great Mexican experiences at your finger tips, and are not far off the regular tourist track. Hotels and resorts will guide you to the ‘regular’ spots, the attractions created for visitors. But if you walk a block away from the main tourist’s destinations, you will find the authenticity, the local flavors that you are in search of.

Our General Rule for Seeking Authentic Experiences

Follow some general rules to find those local experiences. Number one, talk to someone who lives here. When you are sitting on the beach, or having a late afternoon snack at a local bar, seek out someone who lives here, either an expat or a national. See where they go. Find out where they hang out. Find out what they love to do when they have a day off.

The second suggestion is to find restaurants or bars with plastic chairs. Yup, you heard that right. Plastic chairs equals local eatery and great food. Prices are lower, food is home made, and flavors are as authentic as you can get. You will find others travelers and locals who also seek out the authentic.

If you feel a bit intimidated by the look of a village, or the look of a restaurant, or the look of an activity, our rule has always been – then try it out. Trying something out of your comfort zone will provide your best local experiences. We have been doing this for years. We have taken roads that lead to ‘Who knows where’ and had some our best experiences. Stop in small villages to discover local artisans, local cenotes, and local street food. It was when we felt intimated, a bit edgy, that we discovered our best adventures.


Be Curious – You Will Never Know Unless You Try

Remember. You have a local friend in the Riviera Maya, no matter where you decide to go. There is little we have not done, and if for any reason we have not gone down a particular path, we would know someone who has.

Very few travelers, vacationers, or visitors have the luxury of a local voice just an email away, a blog post away, or a phone call away. Loco Gringo is that local friend that will happily share and explain local and authentic experiences that so many people crave, seek out and hope for.

Take advantage of our local concierge who is happy to help you plan your vacation in advance or once you arrive in the Riviera Maya. Paulina has access to not only local information but a host of local friends who are just as willing to share information about their authentic experiences and most treasured places.

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