How to Pack Light and Still Look Great

Once upon a time, commercial air travel was quite a glamorous affair.

Men wore snazzy suits. Before boarding the plane, ladies had their hair done at the salon and children wore their Sunday best. Pilots were gallant gentleman. The word “stewardesses” was in vogue. Children had to be on their best behavior to earn an opportunity to visit the cockpit while up in the air.

Your airfare included a complimentary warm meal, honey roasted peanuts, a full suitcase that went with the undercarriage, a carry-on bag, and your purse (or suitcase). Excess baggage was hardly ever an issue and if so airline carriers offered reasonable options for travelers who exceeded the allowed weight.

Sadly, the glamour of travel has waned. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a “fashion don’t.”

What if you could avoid the additional charges incurred by overpacking and still have every item you need for a fashionable getaway in the tropics?

The benefits of packing light are more than saving money. You’ll also save time by not having to wait for your bags to show up on the luggage carrousel or run the risk of losing your baggage, which can put a real damper on your vacation before even leaving the airport. Plus, you’ll fly through customs and be at the beach at least 30 minutes before everybody else.

Below you’ll find “Five Golden Rules” for traveling for a week like a true fashionista with only one carry-on bag that will fit in the seat in front of you.

Choose the Right Luggage

Trollies with wheels are very comfortable, but they’re bulky and heavy. Instead, opt for a soft duffle bag or backpack that you can over stuff with souvenirs from Mexico.

Dress in Layers For Your Flight

There are no regulations on how many clothes you can wear in flight, so your body can be an additional piece of luggage.

Leave your knit scarf at home and drape a colorful pareo around your neck. A dress over pants is not only super trendy, but you can also wear a baby T-shirt under it too a la Drew Barrymore circa Mad Love.

Wear comfy shoes that you can take on and off easily for TSA but can breathe well enough when you’re hiking pyramids.

Only Bring One of Each

Make it easy. Unless you’re planning to stay for a month, you only need one cute dress, one cool print t-shirt, one pareo, one swimsuit, one pair of shorts (or pants), and one pair of sandals that can all be mixed and match with each other.

You can also survive with a couple of skivvies, which you can hand-wash and alternate.

Don’t worry about being seen in the same outfit twice. You’re on vacation among hundreds of thousands of tourists. You’ll be visiting different venues each day. Nobody is keeping track of whether you wear the same dress because they’ll be too busy enjoying paradise themselves. 

Leave The Toiletries At Home

You’re going to Mexico not Mars. Mexico’s Riviera Maya has everything you’ll find at home — even a Sephora. Why would you want to haul extra weight in sunscreen and shampoo and cosmetics when you can find the exact, same brands here for practically the same price?

Limit cosmetics to the bare minimum. Stop by Chedraui or Walmart and stock up on your way to your rental.

Ladies, don’t even bother with a hairdryer. It’s so humid here that you’ll only be frying your tresses. Curly hair, you say? Even better! Your curls will look divine with salt water or wear a ponytail.

Find the Best Beachwear at the Beach

You can go through all the websites you want, but the truth is that the cutest resort wear can be found at the beach.

Tulum and Playa del Carmen have become major fashion districts. Treat yourself and buy beachwear as one of your Mexican souvenirs. An even better bet is to support local designers who provide sexy and sustainable fashion while helping to make a difference in the community.

Are you ready to take the Carry-On challenge? Send us your upcoming travel dates and we’ll help you find the perfect spot for you on the beach.


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