How to Find Your Happy Place at My Paradise Beach Club

Puerto Morelos is a laid-back, fishing village in the Riviera Maya that takes you back in time and brings to life the lyrics of Jimmy Buffett and the writings of Ernest Hemingway.

In this quiet, tropical hideaway nestled between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, you’ll find a myriad of food choices among its restaurants, shops, cafes, street food, and bars. We like beach bars because you can enjoy the ocean view while grabbing a delicious bite to eat.

My Paradise Beach Club is a favorite among locals for its refreshing drinks, excellent service and tasty food, and prime location on Puerto Morelos Bay.

Conjure Up Imaginative Cocktails

The bar staff at My Paradise Beach Club is friendly and fantastic. Whatever cocktail you wish for or can conjure up in your imagination is a drink they can easily make.

Emily, one of the head bartenders at My Paradise Beach Club, is originally from Missouri. She came down to Puerto Morelos on a whim, fell in love with the place, and simply never left. And she knows her mixology. If you don’t believe us, ask her to whip you up a Paralyzer. Your life will never be the same.

Happy Hour begins at 2 pm, so be there early, as My Paradise Beach Club quickly fills up with thirsty patrons.

Delight in Excellent Service and Tasty Treats

The wait staff at My Paradise Beach Club is courteous and fast. Whether you’re at the bar or on their beach, you’ll be greeted with a friendly smile and a menu, pronto. Just watching the waiters skillfully navigate the beach holding enormous trays of food is kind of like dinner and a show.

The restaurant features excellent Mexican and standard, beach bar snack foods, made from fresh ingredients and cooked to order. While the Mexican-Caribbean fare at My Paradise Beach Club is second to none, we found the chicken strips – yes, chicken strips -to be off-the-chain delicious. Whatever dish you order, be sure to split it with a partner, because the portions are extremely generous.

Savor the View

Hanging out at My Paradise Beach Club is like the idyllic beach getaway you’ve seen on a brochure or in a TV commercial.

It’s all there – white sand, palm trees swaying in the light breeze, and if you’re lucky, a cold, adult beverage and your favorite person by your side. The Caribbean Ocean in all her glorious, vivid shades of blues and greens, whispers to you to discover her secrets.

My Paradise Beach Club is in a perfect location on the Puerto Morelos Bay. Simply drive or take a taxi or collectivo to the village square. To find the restaurant, simply head to the beach from the Puerto Morelos square, and turn left for a five-minute walk along the beautiful bay.

To learn more about dining, swimming, and snorkeling in Puerto Morelos, contact Paulina, our Concierge. She’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you plan your next adventure in this beautiful, tropical paradise.

Cover and food photos courtesy of My Paradise Beach Club. 


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