Home-brewed ale made locally in the Costa Maya

Micro beer brewed in Xcalak Mexico

This is no fish tale!

There’s a lot more going on in Xcalak than just fly-fishing and scuba diving.  Our great friends Dave and Ilana Randall owners of Costa de Cocos Resort have been concocting some strange brew that is now being sold in select Riviera Maya bars & restaurants.
We caught up with Ilana and Dave recently and asked them a bit about how they got into the micro-brew beer biz:

Q:  How did you guys get into making your own micro-brew beer?

A:  We were on vacation in Seattle, staying at a friend’s house. We were enjoying the brew pubs, different flavors of beer; after being in Mexico for so long…drinking only local brands… even going to Belize was a treat for Belikan beer!  So my friend said, you can make your own beer at home with a kits.  Went to the corner beer supply store in seattle, bought a few different types of beer styles and needed supplies, then sent the supplies to a friend in Florida who flew the supplies to us  in Xcalak on his private plane.

Q:  Where did you start brewing?

A:  We cooked our first few batches of beer on the stove in our kitchen. We really enjoyed the new flavors…friends came over…they really liked it as well.  It was getting close to Dave’s birthday,.and I never seemed to have gotten the right present in the past. I came into the office one day, saw Dave looking at brewing machines on the internet, dreaming like he always does. He was liking one, the Sabco, Brew Magic.  I asked, “is this something you would like?” Dave said, “Yes.”
That was his birthday gift, finally something he wanted.
So we went from the home stove top, to the garage on the brew magic, then into the newly built room for the brewery.  Our brewery is all tiled with a walk in cooler for fermenting. It was mostly a hobby, with benefits…that started to take on a life of its own.

Q:  How did you come up with the Pale Ale?

A:  Dave  with recipes based what supplies he can get here in Mexico and the final product was the Pale Ale.
Being on the Caribbean and fly fishing, we tried to combine the two, Tarpon Tale a story in every bottle!
Tarpon Tale Pale Ale, Xcalak Mexico

Q:  Do you have other beers?

A:  Our second beer is Costa Maya Red Ale, and we are working on the Caribbean Coconut Ale as we speak.

Q:  So what is next?

A.  From all the blogs and youtube videos we were  watching, the trend in the United states was to take the spent grain from the beer, and add a little magic, distill it, and make your own moonshine, whisky, vodka, gin. So our dream goes on and on….
shining moon brewery xcalak
Our 400 liter custom built still arrived from the Seattle.  We now have 10 whisky new oak barrels being filled one by one, bottles of moonshine stacked very high in the bodega (shed) waiting for a new home.
xcalak moonshine
From a home kitchen stove top to beer and whisky/moonshine production, the Mango Shining Moon Brewery, including bottling and labeling, in-house….it was a three year journey!

Q:  Where can people buy Tarpon Tale Pale Ale?

A. Right now people get buy Tarpon Tale Pale Ale at:


The next generation of brewers…  😉

mango shining moon brewery next generation

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