Happy Sangria Day! But HELLLOOOO Mangria!

December 20 is National Sangria Day, which we will celebrate overlooking the Caribbean Sea. I attempted to dig up more facts about Sangria but could not find anything new other than what we wrote last year – History of Sangria. But then we found something interesting which turned into some amazing!

Heelllo Mangria

Who says great ideas don’t come to those who may have a bit too much to drink? The Mangria sounded interesting so we decided to make our own. Call it our test bar in preparation for National Sangria Day. I would hate to have guests over to celebrate this cocktail and not be prepared!

A savvy entrepreneur and comedian created the Mangria. This story is true, and makes me think of all those crazy ideas I never acted upon and should have. Here it goes, this is how Mangria came to be.

Adam Carolla is best known for his appearance on The Man Show on Comedy Central. He is a renaissance man who writes books, has a pod cast, owns a restaurant, and had a radio show. One evening after a long entrepreneurial day, Adam came home to fine half a glass of wine in an almost empty bottle, a liquor cabinet that was looking pretty bleak and oj in the fridge. Exhausted and not wanting to go out to the store, he decided to put on his mixologist hat and create a cocktail. The result was the mangria. No fancy fruit, no beautiful suave red tones in a wine glass. He just mixed.

And the result floored him.

He had mixed 3 parts wine to one part vodka and one part orange juice. He threw in some sugar, then a bit more, and bingo! The mangria was born. He tested it again, and again and again. Then he tested it on friends, then he tested it in his restaurant. The response was beyond his expectations.

So we tried it. Our recipe was 3 cups red wine, one cup vodka, one cup orange juice, and three teaspoons of sugar. I did want to add fruit, so apples, slices of oranges, pineapple and a few slices of lime were added to the pitcher. In went some ice, and boom! (drop the mic) We drank it, and we drank it all.

I am now tempted to say Happy Mangria Day, in solidarity to a savvy entrepreneur, and drunken creativity! This works and we think you just might want to try this. If mixing your own ingredients is not what you hoped for your celebration, this magic is bottled!

Happy Mangria Day! Grab a glass, throw in some ice, and pour a Mangria this December 20th, as you overlook the shores of the Caribbean Sea!

Check out this Christmas Sangria recipe if the Mangria isn’t doing it for you.

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