Great Travel Gear for Your Gadgets

Smart Phone? Check. Tablet? Check. Go Pro? Check. This could be your routine before you head out on vacation but is this enough to capture the best shots and stay connected on your vacation. There is some great travel gear for your gadgets you might want to consider, but what is a good investment and what would you use.

There are a few super cool gadgets that help you take spectacular photos. Imagine when you are on the top of the Coba Pyramid. The view is amazing and should be shared with others. What about your snorkel or dive trip? Or the only way to explain the unique experience in a cenote is to show what lies below, not what lies above.

There are a few gadgets we love that have been suggested by our fellow LG friends or we have used them ourselves. Consider bringing these along on your next trip so you can get those OMG! photos easily.

Three Must Have Travel Gadgets for your Devices

Selfie stick – Though nicknamed the selfie stick, this is not just for selfies. Selfie sticks get into hard to reach places, or rise above the occasion to get more of a bird’s eye view. They adapt to your smart phone and fold into small sticks that are easy to pack and carry.

GO Pro – Yay! You have your Go Pro that can shoot great footage or photos above or below the water. We have taken to the head strap, the chest strap and the car holder that has resulted in some pretty good footage as we zipline, snorkel, scuba dive and climb ancient ruins.

Lily Drone -now this is top of the list of our 2016 Christmas List. The Lily Drone is pretty cool. With GPS enabled software, this drone will follow you on your bike, in your car, or as you walk. The viewpoint is cool and the price is actually quite reasonable. Check it out and imagine the cool shots you could take with this gadget. But it is not available until August 2016…it is staying on our Christmas list but In the interim, we are considering ordering this drone

Do you have a favorite gadget that you like to travel with? How do your configure your data plan and roaming package? Share your successes and failures in the comments so that others can learn as well.

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