Giving Gringos – A Sweet Story of How News Travels Fast

So I received a nice email a few weeks back and wanted to share. The Director of KKIS (Keep Kids in School) a Playa del Carmen Not-for-Profit organization emailed us a few weeks ago with some ‘Feel Good’ news.

This is a Giving Gringo Story.


This past September we sent out a news letter to all of our LG friends. It highlighted Back to School and talked about the KKIS organization. The information resonated with a reader from the Great Lakes Seep company and motivated them into action. The results of their actions were the following:

• 34 members of the LB Seminars professional development group traveled to Playa for a volunteer vacation
• 80 bags of trash have been removed
• 2 vegetable gardens have been planted at local schools
• 40 pairs of soccer shoes were donated
• $1000 USD of school supplies were donated to local students and schools
• 88 volunteers with the Great Lakes Hybrid Seed Company traveled to Playa to paint over 1200 linear meters of three schools in Playa del Carmen with students and parents.
• Volunteers built benches, fixed fences, raked leaves and cleared rocks over a three day period.


This email not only shared information but created friendships, international volunteer opportunities, helped over 700 students refurbished three local schools. That rocks our world, and rocked the world of so many other people.

Thank you Great Lakes Seep Company for reading our information. Thank you for acting on your heart and reaching out to our community. Thank you for caring.

Make Difference March 2

If you want to learn more about KKIS, join them at Wah Wah’s Beach Club in Playa del Carmen March 2, 2016 at 4 pm for their annual auction and fundraiser. It is sure to be a great time and grand success for the organization.

“A simple hello can lead to a million things”

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