Girls getaway on Valentine’s day in the Riviera Maya

Girls getaway in the riviera Maya


Take a little heat off your partner or take a bit of heat off yourself. If your boyfriend or spouse needs to work on Valentine’s Day, or you find yourself single during Valentine’s Day 2013, don’t get mad, just get even! While your spouse is at a conference in the Minnesota cold feeling the guilt of a lifetime, or your BFF is spending an evening with her BF at an overcrowded restaurant, you can be having a great girls getaway in the Riviera Maya doing lovely things during the week of love.

Get your own GGV villa!

This is a great way to bond and share with your besties. Find the friends that can get away and pick a beach villa for your GGV (Girls Getaway Vacation!) Load it up with food and champagne, cosmopolitans and chocolates, or cucumber martini’s and guacamole. Grab your bikini, your little pink dress and get out of Dodge! This is starting to sound like a great Valentine’s Day that could make you the Queen of Valentine’sDay planning.

Find the flights and say adios to those celebrating at home

Valentine’s Day activities for the GGV in the Rivieria Maya

Get ready. There is a lot to pack in and just a few days for your Riviera Maya Girls Getaway

Mayan Clay spa – This will detox you both physically and mentally. The natural Mayan clay takes toxins out of the your body, while a massage therapists take the toxins out of your mind. Mayan clay is used in spas throughout the Riviera Maya. Ask for it by name and feel great after the treatment.

Yoga – pick your favorite yoga and find a studio in Akumal, Puerto Morelos, Tulum  or Playa del Carmen. Want a private class on your villa terrace? Yoga teachers will travel if you ask. There is nothing better than some personal attention to improve your yoga practice.

Dinner on the town – There are some great restaurants in the Riviera Maya that will amaze you with great food and unique locations. In Tulum choose Hechizo or Hartwood for top of the line dinners and cute chefs! In Puerto Morelos, John Gray’s Kitchen is a long time favorite and John is cute too! In Playa del Carmen, Luna Maya (fabulous martini’s), Almirante Pech at 30th and 5th (new restaurant/bar with great food) or Fusion for a night of fire dancers, food and fun! In Akumal we love Lol Ha for entertainment and a great fusion of exotic flavors.

If you want a female chef who rocks a great Mexcian menu, Cetli Restaurant is a great choice in Tulum. She too is a cute chef.

Paddle boarding, Scuba diving or Kiteboarding – Girls getaways are not all about martini’s and champagne. Extreme sports or fun activities are a great way to bond. Never tried any of these sports? Give them a try! The Riviera Maya is becoming a hub for running, cycling and triathlon training. Small groups are training together for distance cycling each Sunday, in Akumal and Puerto Morelos groups are triathlon training together and more are taking advantage of the ocean for distance swimming.

Beach it! There is over 200 kms of beach along the Riviera Maya coast. Take your pick and plant your chair.

Cooking Classes – There are Mexican cooking classes in Puerto Morelos (Little Mexican Cooking School) and Playa del Carmen that teach small groups how to prepare Mexican dishes with local ingredients. Wine or tequila tasting may be included to compliment your new skills and food knowledge.

Feel the love this Valentine’s Day no matter where you are or who you are with!

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, but love does not just mean romantic love. If you can not be with your guy, or you currently are between guys, Valentine’s Day can still be a great getaway in a great location with people who you love! Make it special and make it happen!

Check out some of the coolest Riviera Maya villas that would be perfect for your GGV – Girls Getaway Vacation.


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