Gastón Charó Has Created an Oasis of Art in Playa del Carmen

My guest this week is an artist whose passion for a more tranquil life brought him to Playa del Carmen. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gastón Charó made the decision to move away from the traffic and pollution of the city to languish in the natural places and multicultural environment of the Riviera Maya.

Eighteen years ago, he realized there weren’t many places for people to enjoy art. He reached out to local hotels and after a few months of waiting he finally had his first successful exhibit that lasted for sixteen years. He was gaining feedback from people who came from all over the globe. He used this insight as a catalyst to open his own gallery which displays his work as well as the work of other artists he respects. His gallery includes sculptures, lighting, and gardens all designed by artists with the intention of relaxing people who visit.

Gastón is searching to find a balance between his art and his business. He happily admits that his artist side always wins. It’s not easy to be an artist. Business doesn’t make it easy to enjoy life but his art brings him riches that money can not.

Gastón says the best Argentinian food can be found on his very own rooftop but when he does venture to Fifth Street he enjoys dining at:

  • Piola — For the welcoming and romantic atmosphere.
  • Cheester  — For big, heaping plates of pasta.
  • Casa Sofia  — For a robust Italian menu.
  • El Diez  — An Argentinian grill.

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Tour through some of the works at the Gastón Charó Gallery

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