Free Movies in Playa del Carmen

free movies in playa del carmen

Netflix is cheap, you have that right. Mexican movie theatres are super cheap as well. A new release in the movie theater is 56 pesos, so just under $3 USD, but there is much better deal with a much better idea than either of these two options – Cine Para Todos in Playa del Carmen – translated means Films for everyone! And they really mean everyone!

cine club playa del carmen free movies

So Much More Than Just Free Movies!

sustainable movies in Quintana Roo

Before we share the free movies schedule, the mission of this project is far more important than free movies. Cine Para Todos by Cine Club is the organization that is bringing free movies to various locations in Playa del Carmen. It is an organization developed by two people from mexico City who felt Local residents deserved to have more arts programs delivered to community members, for free. They also have a mobile Film Unit that travels to remote villages in Quintana Roo to share their love of film and film making.

Their mission is to share the love and process of film and film making to change and challenge ideas, how we see the world and how the world sees us. Their workshops open young children and teenagers to the world of film making so they may be inspired to share their view of the world, their stories, their heritage.

Free movies are great. Who doesn’t love a free movie, but who doesn’t love a thoughtful group of people who work tirelessly and creatively to open up the world of film making and the arts to everyone. Their partnerships in Playa del Carmen are their movie showing locations – Blue Parrot, Parque La Cieba, El Pueblito in Mayakoba, and La Culpa.

Their belief is that movies are better when shared.

But their deepest and greatest impact comes with their mobile unit, a van and in some cases an electrical system powered by stationary bicycles in villages or remote areas that do not have electricity. In these small villages Cine a Todos opens up the world of cinema to families who have never seen a movie, to kids who have never seen a digital image, to people who have never experienced another point of view. The magic they bring to people is truly priceless and they offer this mobile service as a service to their community with the identical mission that brings free movies to people in Playa del Carmen.

Free Movie Schedule in Playa del Carmen

This is the 2016 Cine Club schedule for free movies in Playa del Carmen. All movies are shown outside, under the stars and in some cases by the beach. There are no movie theaters, snack vendors or tickets. It is just a community event where people enjoy a good film together.Since 2013 Cine Club has shown 117 movies for free with over 10,000 people viewing the movies they have shared.

Wednesday Night @ 7:30 pm – Blue Parrot Beach Club 12th street and the beach

Thursday Night @ 8:00 pm – El Pueblito in Mayakoba just north of Playa del Carmen on Hwy 307

Friday Night @ 8:00 pm – Parque La Cieba 60th Ave and 1st Street South across the Highway in Playa del Carmen

Sunday Night @ 8:00 pm – La Culpa 12th Street between 5th and 10 Avenue

If you wish to see which movie is playing, check their website El Cine Club or their Facebook Page.

cine club free movies in Playa del carmen

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