Eco Friendly And Sustainable Goods For Your Vacation In Riviera Maya


There is no better way to support the local economy than choosing a more sustainable lifestyle. We love protecting the beauty of this amazing area. And happily research for more eco-friendly and sustainable options for our travelers as well. We know they love Riviera Maya just as much as we do. And they happen to be very interested in giving earth a little help while they opt for healthier choices. We discovered it is easier to find the correct products when you have a list of the places near your vacation home. So we have added a few locations where you can not only find incredibly unique items but also support the natural surroundings of the south part of Mexico.

Kitchen And More

Bamboo straws

Of all the products our travelers use the most during holidays, it´s probably kitchenware. And Fresco Hábito restaurant in Playa del Carmen, has the perfect solution. All their food and drinks can be made “to go”. And they use only eco-friendly containers for that. Cups, plates and even Bamboo straws are available, the straws might even be the perfect souvenir. Their kitchenware is also beautiful and sustainable; bowls made of coconut shells, spoons, and forks made of wooden. Which also gives a Chic vibe and go perfectly with the decoration of the place. Choux Choux Café also in Playa del Carmen, has especial cups, bottles, and plates made of avocado seeds. Other Bio-degradable items are also used to serve meals to their customers. In addition to this, Choux Choux Café is always organizing farming workshops, display of documentaries, conferences and other activities to raise awareness towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. They also have a based recycling area, where they collect aluminum, glass, and cardboard.

Beauty And Hygiene Products

co con amor dental brush

Both men and women are also interested in more personal items, like beauty products or hygiene articles. We highly recommend Artesañeros store inside Mercado 30 in Playa del Carmen. Their handmade soaps, organic scented candles, knitted blouses and dresses, fabric bags and purses are magnificent. And you will also find feminine pads, cups, vegetal based makeup, sandals made of recycled tires and a lot more. One of the perks is that every item is unique, so they make the perfect gift or souvenir to take home. Co Co Con Amor store and restaurant is also a great option if you are closer to Tulum. Their little store has about everything you can possibly need. Freshly produced ingredients and condiments. Homemade jam, organic honey, etc.

Second-Hand Clothes And Accessories

consignment boutique

Finally, for girls and women, there is a must visit place in Playa del Carmen, where you can get second handed wear. Clothes, sandals, high heels, accessories, purses and a lot more. Segunda Vida Consignment Boutique is where you can find everything you need. To be honest the variety of items is not our only favorite thing about this store. Anything you find pricey on 5th Avenue you can also find at a better rate here. The most expensive pair of nice shoes can be found sometimes for half the price. And if you need extra space in your luggage to take more souvenirs back home, you can always bring your items and sell them here. It is a win-win for the customer and the seller, plus you will be supporting the local economy and making the most of clothing. There are more places worth visiting in Tulum, Puerto Morelos, and Playa del Carmen but we would need at least 3 articles to cover them all. But if you want to get more choices and details for specific products, send us an e-mail to [email protected] and we will happily send you the information.

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