We have been putting together new travel information that will be useful, if not downright amazing, for your Riviera Maya vacation. Loco Gringo has created seven ebooks, ebooks that have current travel information, travel secrets, and some pretty spectacular travel suggestions. One of the ebooks is a Mexican recipe book built specifically for the region. This culinary tool will surely assist your food exploration while on vacation, but also help you create authentic recipes once you return home.

Riviera Maya Travel Guides Built by Locals

Our ebooks have taken on a life of their own. Way back in the day, we called our personal travel adventures, Loco Adventures. Well, we thought this would be a great title for our new ebooks. Adventures ebooks include trips to Chichen Itza, the Coba Ruins, and an off the beaten track travel guide to the Tulum Ruins. Knowing that everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to travel, we have split the travel guides into three sections; a DIY tour of the location, a Travel with Friends option, or See it with a Travel Guide that suggests an alternative tour company that travels just like us.

Vacation Suggestions and Inspiration

Our other ebooks are travel inspiration and idea books. If you are new to the area, or want to explore different aspects of the Mexican Caribbean Coast, there are three ebooks designed to do just that. Diving and Snorkeling, Romance, and Nightlife are a few of the ebooks we have written so far.

Your Vacation Is Important to Us

If you did not know this before, I think you will know now. Your vacation is important to us. Any resources we have to make your vacation stellar, any inside information we can share to make it special, is available through Loco Gringo. We continue to find ways to share this information, the ebooks being a nice option for both new and returning visitors. If anything, the images in the ebooks will give you a nice break during the work day as you dream about your next vacation in Mexico.

Click on any of the links in the above post to receive your free ebook or click on the covers below. You can have one or all of them, take your pick. It is our gift to you for being a good friend of Loco Gringo or just an inspired traveler.

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