Dave Randall – Fly Fishing, Scuba and Beer at Costa de Cocos

Today it is my pleasure to speak with Dave Randall of Costa de Cocos Resort. Costa de Cocos is the only full service fly fishing and scuba diving resort in Xcalak, Quintana Roo. Dave, who is originally from Minnesota, has been in the Costa Maya area for 33 years.

He started his journey before there was electricity in the area and still doesn’t have cell phone coverage at his home. He remembers using wind and propane generators to build his first few hotel rooms. Hotel rooms which may never have been built if heavy doses of rum had not been involved in a late night chat with friends. Dave has since built a resort like no other, including a restaurant and his own brewery and distillery of which there are only two in the entire state of Quintana Roo.

Dave’s dream of building a business in the middle of the jungle has given him great pleasure and to this day his home along the second largest barrier reef in the world is his favorite place to be. His low-key, 12 boat operation produces Grand Slams for fly fishermen during the prime season of May, June and July and two-for-one specials during October through December. Dave says that even in the low season the area produces fish daily.

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Why Does He Do It?

After 33 years in business, Dave says one of the reasons he keeps going is his staff of 28 people. There are now generations of local families who have made their living from tourism and hospitality. In addition, there are the life-long friendships he has made along the way. He says there are travelers who visit annually and have been for years.

Dave’s Secret Spots

  1. Rancho Encantado in Bacalar – for lunch
  2. Taco Loco in Chetumal – for blue crab meat tacos
  3. San Pedro – Belize – for American made hardware and tools

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