Community Tourism With Ojos Mayas

Ojos Mayas is a local project in charge of creating community tourism by joining locals and organizing tours that help their economy. Angel Carrera has become one of the ambassadors of small Mayan communities and has worked hard for many years with local people to develop ideas that promote the destination, especially the small groups with little to no access to medical service, education or technology.

No wonder the experiences that Ojos Mayas offer is out of this world, no other tour you have tried in Riviera Maya can compare with the real cultural encounter you will perceive with them. Consider the “tours” more like day trips with local friends you make as the day begins. They do not believe in crowded tours and beaten paths as their main goal is for you to discover the real Riviera Maya.

How Does It Work?

El señor community

The concept is simple and yet genius; instead of being part of a large tour and visiting the typical touristy places, you will be joining exclusive day trips while you support Mayan communities and local tourism. The difference is huge if you consider that in most of the trips you take, the attention is focused on the traveler instead of sharing experiences and culture with locals. That is the real uniqueness of Ojos Mayas, it is not a tour but an experience, an adventure that you create with local communities. By the end of the “tour” you realize it was more like a trip to make some new local friends.

Real Encounter With The Local Culture

Henequen activity Dos Ojos

The popularity of Ojos Mayas trips is due to the closeness to real people, the key for a great encounter is to make sure both ends benefit from it. By visiting Mayan communities you help their economy and promote the location. There is no better marketing than the one you create among friends and family, sharing what you really experience might be the best piece of advice you can provide for another family to enjoy it as well. Each activity is important during the trip, nothing but authentic people, places and food. The most exquisite homemade tortillas, the rustic transportation and the incredibly beautiful environments you will discover inside the community.

Probably one of the highlights of the trip is the opportunity to learn the main economic activity of the community. You cannot find another tour that leaves you with such an experience! Since the moment you step into the community you are part of it and the adventure begins. Each trip that Ojos Mayas organizes gives you a closer look into the Yucatan culture.

Join The Trips

Ojos Mayas day trip

It is pretty easy to join one of the adventures that Ojos Mayas offer. El Señor Mayan community is the signature trip and probably the best opportunity for you and your family to discover the real Mayan culture. You can request the details and a quote for the upcoming trips during November and December of this year. You can also get the best tips to explore on your own with the guides posted on their website.

If you need assistance with bookings for Ojos Mayas, do not hesitate to contact your [email protected]  We also invite you to check the recent podcast with Angel Carrera who will give you extra tips on how to enjoy cultural trips and discover Riviera Maya on your own like a true local.

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