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Posted April 19, 2017 by Kay Walten in Destination Weddings,Podcasts

Ael Enciso

Ael Enciso was ‘made’ in Cozumel, and delivered in her grandmother’s living room in Mexico City. For the past 17 years, she has been in Playa del Carmen, working in just about every aspect of the tourism industry.

Ael says the Riviera Maya is best seen off the beaten track. When a visitor ‘acts like a local,’ and enjoys the laid-back atmosphere of the area, is when they have the best time.

When Ael travels within Mexico she visits the cenotes, rides her bike through trails in the jungle, and visits the colonial inland cities. She wants to travel throughout Mexico and re-visit Chiapas and Guanajuato.

Ael works in the growing industry of destination weddings in the Riviera Maya. She recommends the area because there is so much for wedding guests to do. Guests can experience a wedding and a vacation in a single trip. Brides will appreciate the wedding planners, the backdrop, the flowers, and the photography options. Brides can also include a

Ael’s Favorite Eateries:

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Kay moved to the Riviera Maya in 1992 to explore underwater caves. As an expat, Kay has been working in the vacation and tourism profession in Mexico ever since. She is the co-founder of the travel & vacation rental website

Read her amazing story because she thought she’d only stay 6 months.

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