Cocos Cat Rescue-Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Riviera Maya is the land of animal-lovers and there is no surprise. Most of the sustainable activities that are offered for visitors, are also related with animal welfare. Probably one of the best feelings when vacationing is the possibility of making the difference, and making an impact in the community you are visiting by joining some of the local activities is the best idea. Collaborating with Mexicans is what makes vacationing an enriching experience. Coco´s Cat Rescue is a local organization. A low cost spay and neuter clinic. Mainly focused in addressing the problem of stray cats and dogs in the south part of Mexico.

This organization supports and promote neuter and spay campaigns and participate in educating communities and local population about animal welfare. Coco´s Cat Rescue has recently opened a new clinic, this was only possible by the donations of many interested in the cause. The fundraiser to create the new clinic started last year, and of course Loco Gringo was honored to be part of such an amazing project.

Spay And Neuter Permanent Clinic

Coco´s Playa del Carmen

Coco´s Cat Rescue maintain a permanent clinic that provides help with cats and dogs. They assist rescues and they also promote spay and neutering campaigns to help reduce the overpopulation of stray animals. The services that the clinic can offer help greatly not only to the community but also to the people who rescue stray animals on their own. There is a special program for rescuers that need help covering the cost of neutering, vaccines, surgeries, medications and other treatments for rescued animals.

The low cost clinic for rescued animals is open on Mondays and Thursdays from 1pm to 3pm. All materials and work from vets is donated. The new clinic also has a special area for visitors to check kittens and cats looking for homes. Another area is designated for recovery of the pets who have been spayed and neutered, to provide a proper care before they are returned to foster homes.

Helping The Community

Coco´s Cat Rescue Riviera Maya

Among other programs, Coco´s Cat Rescue also support poor families that can´t spay or neuter their pets. They offer transportation from the areas in need, taking the pets to get spayed and keeping them at the clinic until they are fully recovered. After they get spayed and neutered, they return the pets with their families. They also provide information to the families about the proper animal care and needs, so they can continue providing a good and healthy life for their pets.

The help is not only for the animals but also for the families in need. Rescuing animals and helping them has been the main goal, however adults and children are also in need in poor communities. The basic items to cover their needs go from bottled water, clothes, shoes, to nutrition packages and basic groceries. The items are donated and delivered by the volunteers working with Coco´s Cat Rescue.

Donations And Volunteer Program

Coco´s Cat Rescue Director

In order to help and support local organizations like Coco´s Cat Rescue, donations are important. All donations are accepted and you can contact the organization directly to support any of the campaigns they maintain. Volunteering is also a great way to help the community, kids are especially attracted to animals and visiting the clinic and volunteering is perfect for them to also learn about animal care.

You can check Laura Raike´s past interview with Loco Gringo. She is the Vet in charge of Coco´s Cat Rescue organization. If you want more information about this or other organizations related to animal welfare in Riviera Maya, contact your personal concierge [email protected] and find out how you can join volunteer programs in the area.

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