Cirque Du Soleil Joya-A Magical And Unforgettable Evening

Circus Vidanta

It is no surprise that when it comes to entertainment, Riviera Maya has some of the best shows. We are sure you are familiar with Cirque Du Soleil Company, well they have the first permanent show of México in Riviera Maya. Vidanta Resort is the host for this incredible performance. Highly qualified dancers, musicians, magicians and more. All creating a unique experience from the moment you step into the theater until you leave. As you can imagine, being part of a world class show comes with certain responsibilities. But we can guarantee is definitely one of the best experiences. If you haven´t seen it yet, this might be the piece of information you were needing to get the tickets.

Quality Show

circus singer

Without giving too much information or reveling the story of Joya. It is close to a combination of a theater play and a circus. There is a lot happening at the same time but you get to enjoy it all. Magnificent dancers and the main singer makes it all better. A touching story narrated by the characters in Spanish and English for everybody to enjoy. If you book your ticket with dinner included you will not regret it. The Chefs of the place take food art into a whole different level. We were certain it was only possible in our dreams until Cirque Du Soleil Joya made it real. It feels like being fully awake during a beautiful dream, at some point of the evening you are looking around trying to determinate what to stare at first. The performances start right after you finish the dinner, they make a short break of 15 minutes and then the show continues. We recommend you to visit the restrooms during that time as they get crowded at the end.

Dinner Time

circus dinner

Trust us when we say, the dinner is just as important as the show. Wonderful textures and flavors like you have never tried before. The exquisite ingredients creating a fusion out of this world. Presented in a beautiful and artistic way that goes perfectly with the show. Mystical and tasty, strong and soft flavors and even magic tricks!. The three course meal will start with appetizers and a glass of champagne. The main course and dessert are something you will never forget. Please make sure you inform your waiter or waitress about any allergy. The staff is absolutely friendly and will do anything to accommodate your dietary needs. Vegan and Vegetarian options are also available and.. delicious!

Choose A Seat

Circus dancers

This show is usually pricey if you add the dinner (which we highly recommend). But there are also affordable rates and seats. Rates go from $77.00usd per person, depending on the date, time and type of package. The most affordable options are the seats at the back, with no champagne or dinner included. The medium rate is for the middle seats and you can request champagne and appetizers. The most expensive seats are the ones that include dinner and the first rows. Choosing your date and time is also important and might affect the price. Tickets are sold easily so we highly recommend you to book with at least a month in advance. To guarantee the best seats and packages. We can definitely help you with a reservation or round transportation to enjoy of the show. Send us an e-mail to: [email protected] or call us: 512 782 9878.

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