Captain Quickie’s Secret Destinations in the Riviera Maya with Kay Walten

Captain Quickie - Riviera Maya, Mexico

In today’s installment I talk to Captain Quickie. He was born in Southern Florida. His family moved to Mexico in 1982. Quickie went back to Mexico for College, where he graduated with an Economics degree. Quickie thought he needed a degree in that field to make the money he wanted to make to afford the big boats he knew one day he would own. Quickie was a stock broker in New York City for a couple of years. Until finally his love of Mexico and boats drew him back. Him and his wife Amy started their own business called Local Quickies, best tour in Playa Del Carmen Riviera Maya area. You can go sailing, snorkeling, zip lining, check out the turtles, culture, wildlife, local cuisine and more. They want their guests to feel like they are hanging out with friends that happen to be locals.

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What is Quickie’s favorite place on the Peninsula?

He has been to over 70% of the ruins on the peninsula. Quickie’s go to place is EK Balam. It is one of the most untouched, unscathed, and well preserved areas. He says to go 1 km past EK Balam, and there is an actual town called EK Balam. He met a lady there named Telmasa, who chased him down with her bicycle and hopped into his truck, and showed him the best cenote he had ever seen.

Where is a great place to stop for shopping and food?

Quickie says Temazon is a great place to stop for smoked meats, their pork chops are outstanding. Three-fourths of the town is smoked meats and the other quarter is all about the old Caribbean style furniture.

Captain Quickie - Riviera Maya, Mexico

What are the best kept secret beaches?

In Tulum there is a beach bar called the Zazil-Kin. This is the cheapest place to snatch up a beer; they are only charging 25 pesos and also have happy hour from 12 to 2pm. When you walk on the beach you will want to kick your shoes off and get a great pedicure, because this beach is well preserved. The second would be a cenote in Jardin del Eden, in the Yucatan.

What are some tips and tricks that families traveling to Mexico should be aware of?

You will want to bring a double stroller if you are traveling with multiple children and make sure to bring your own car seats for the kidos. You will want to avoid the big resorts, such as Playa and Cancun. Akumal and Puerto Aventuras are the most family oriented resorts. Quickie says this is the place that he would trust his daughter to be safe in.

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