Authentic Flavors At Primitivo Restaurant In Tulum

It is impossible to visit Mexico and not to try the food. Mexicans are famous for their love to food and tasty meals. Riviera Maya being the touristic area that it is, provides endless options for travelers; Thai food, Indian, French, Italian and of course Mexican. There are true gems that have become famous for their tasty dishes, great service and affordable choices. This is the case of Primitivo Restaurant in Tulum. An enigmatic place, with a hippie vibe and the most exquisite meals. Family friendly indeed and not because they welcome all family members, but because they really treat you like part of their family. The food will tempt you but the service will make you fall in love with the place.

 Honoring Mexican Traditions

Primitivo Decoration

The main Chef is completely in love with Mexico and its traditions. And the love is reflected in every dish listed on the menu. Such a detail to highlight the flavors and mix original ingredients. Creating the most elaborated meals from scratch like Mexican grandmas do it. The whole place pays tribute to the ancient Mexico, the decorations goes perfectly well with the type of food offered. Rustic rood handmade from bamboo, wooden furniture and wonderfully placed in the heart of the jungle. Surrounded with natural flora and fauna of Tulum. They put a lot of effort into keeping the restaurant Eco-friendly, Pet friendly and Family friendly. From a quick look this looks like a true paradise; everybody enjoying dinner and minding their own business. The ambiance is very relaxed and the service cannot get any better. The rates are fantastic for a restaurant that offers unique dishes. This is the type of restaurant that looks very expensive on the outside, but is actually very affordable.

Authentic Food For The Soul

Primitivo shrimps

The Chef and cooks collect pieces of wood and set them in fire to grill fish, octopus, fish and other meats. Desserts are just as elaborated as main dishes, roasted bananas with raw cacao and brown sugar melted. There is no option on the menu that doesn´t make your mouth water when reading it. The best part is they are not afraid of sharing recipes, the restaurant organizes workshops for up to 10 people. The most recent one was to teach cacao preparation using ancient techniques to keep its natural nutrients. You will also see some Mexican artisan beers like “Veraniega Pale ale” and others made in Tulum breweries and distributed only locally. This proofs that Primitivo Restaurant is not only one of the best food options in Tulum. They are also promote and support local economy by offering authentic products.

Book A Table And Visit Primitivo Tulum

Night primitivo restaurant

Primitivo Restaurant is located on the main Tulum Avenue, between Palenque and Asunción streets. They are open from 8:00am until 11:00pm every day, closed on Wednesdays. Tables are in open areas on a deck, they also have green areas. Parking is on the street and as payment method you can bring cash (US Dollars or pesos), and credit/debit cards Visa and Mastercard. If you want to book a table we recommend you to call them at: 52 1 984 235 7425 or send them a message trhough Primitivo Facebook page, as they don´t have website. If you prefer we can also help you with your reservations for large parties. This is definitely a restaurant you should not miss on your next visit to Tulum.

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