ATM Scam Alert

Heads up before putting your ATM card in the slot

The General Director of Public Safety is alerting people to a new ATM scam on 5th Avenue, the Quinta, in Playa del Carmen.

The division of public safety for area has released a statement advising the general public take caution when using ATMs, especially along Fifth Avenue. A member of the tourist police made the scam discovery at an ATM on Fifth Avenue where he says thieves are preventing people from receiving their cash.

Criminals are stuffing the money slot with thick toilet paper, preventing the cash from exiting the machines. Once the ATM user leaves, they remove the stuffed paper and take the cash.

The Director of Public Safety is warning people to verify the ATMs before making their withdrawal and if they encounter an ATM that has been tampered with, they should report it to 911.

Public Safety officials are also instructing banks to check their ATMs.  There are about 40 ATMs located along Fifth and Tenth Avenues, four were found tampered with.

Local police say one person was arrested for their alleged involvement.

Source: Riviera Maya News
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