Angel Carrera ‒ Preserving Mayan Culture Through Sustainable Tourism

Originally from Guadalajara, my guest Angel Carrera came to Playa del Carmen to work in his father’s accounting firm. His passion for the Mayan culture is evident in his side activities. He helps the Mayan communities to sell their art, develop tourism and even gives them financial advice.

His community project, Ojos Mayas, connects the tourism community of the northern part of Quintana Roo to the Mayan Zone. His culturally – rich tours of the Mayan Zone include visits to a traditional healer who uses plants as medicine, a trip to the house of the village elder to hear about Mayan traditions which have been passed down for generations, and a stopover to a place of agriculture where Melipona bees are kept. Tourists are able to get a history lesson in the Mayan culture from the Mayan people and then end the day in a refreshing lagoon.

Angel stresses the importance of promoting the social and economic development within the villages. As the big resorts entice the Mayan youth to work along the coast, much of the tradition and culture is being lost in the Mayan Zone. These traditional tours can help bring social development to the villages, keeping them alive and flourishing.

Angel says he loves the Riviera Maya but he frequently visits Chiapas where his wife’s family lives. When tourists ask him where to visit, he recommends the San Juan Chamula Church for a very different experience.

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