Andrea Gallo Enjoys the Simple Essence of Tulum Mexico

Andrea Gallo, Tulum, México

Today’s guest, Andrea Gallo is originally from New York City. When she needed a break from the high-pressure, fast-moving world of fashion designing, Andrea took her first trip to Tulum. Her visits became more frequent and her stays became longer and longer until she eventually made a permanent move.

Without a plan on what would sustain her, she started teaching yoga at local resorts.  When her creative side begged to be part of her life again, she began creating Malas, or meditation beads and offering them to her yoga clients.  She now facilitates Mala Making Workshops for tourists who want to tap their creative energy while on vacation.

Andrea’s workshops help fund her Raza Mestiza Pet Project, a foundation she created to find homes in the U.S. and Canada for dogs in need. If you are visiting the area and want to help a dog start a new life or donate to a good cause, contact Andrea.

Andrea’s Favorite Places and Must Sees:

Andrea’s Recommendations for Dining Out:

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