Aktun Chen-Jungle Meets Paradise

We have recently rediscovered one true hidden gem at the Riviera Maya, for the ones into unique, exotic and off the beaten path places. Let’s just say this Eco Park is not just incredibly beautiful but it is also perfect for relaxation and recreation. You can learn so much from Mexican culture by just exploring around and that is the true beauty a place like this can offer. We felt very lucky for having the opportunity to participate once again in all the activities, feel close to the culture and natural environment that Riviera Maya offers.

Aktun Chen Park is so much more than just an Eco park, it will be hard to put on words our recent experience but we will try our best to give you all the important juicy details. In hopes that you and your family can visit and take with you one of the best holiday memories back home.

Underground World

Aktun Chen caverns

We were literally shocked when we saw the underground dry caverns, those are probably what impressed us most. It is truly like entering to a whole different world that has been sculptured by an artist. It is one of those places you can only imagine or dream about. From floor to ceiling the stalactites décor the entire place and even the acoustic of the caverns make you feel you are in a mystique Mayan territory for sure.

Right in the middle of the cavern path, there is a small lagoon with a little bridge that allows you to discover every corner of the cave. The light, the sounds and even the smell changes. Our guide Rodrigo didn´t miss a second as he explained the history of the caverns, its origins and how they change according weather conditions. The enormous park also has onsite a Serpentarium with over 12 different types of snakes, including a huge Boa Constrictor!

A Private Piece of Jungle

Aktun Chen clear cenote

Deer run free while the monkeys hang around on the trees above them, there are also peacocks, Yucatecan parrots and wild pigs. To see them makes it hard to move on to the next activity as they seem to really enjoy their natural habitat. Caverns which by the way are over 5 million years old, also have their own charm as the ceilings remain protected by sleeping bats that once awaken will fly around and away.

The place opens its doors around 9:30am and showing up early is recommended to avoid (if any) crowds.  Closing time is at 5:30pm which gives you enough time to try all the activities and get lost in the exotic surroundings. They have included onsite transportation to take visitors to every corner of this majestic jungle, this definitely adds comfort to the trip.

Family Friendly Activities

Zip lines in Aktun Chen

From the adventurous zip lines to animal encounters and unbelievable caverns and cenotes, this place is really hard to categorize since it offers entertainment and relaxation all combined. You could be 5 or 99 years old and you would still love it! Kids can explore around in a natural yet safe environment with wild pigs, monkeys and deers, which are also key if you want them to learn about Mexico´s culture.

Activities can be purchased separately but each one of them has its own charm and it is highly recommended to enjoy of all the different attractions this Eco park offers. With the purchase of the whole combo a Mexican delicious lunch is included and the service from the staff cannot be better. Everyone is making sure you make the most of your visit to Aktun Chen. A/C onsite transportation is also included to avoid wasting your time when going from one activity to the next one.

This place in general is one of the most recommended sites for families who are into caverns, cenotes and wild life in general. Location is also kind of perfect, the entrance is right between Akumal and Tulum on the highway.

For more information about the different packages of Aktun Chen, contact your personal concierge at [email protected] Don´t miss the opportunity to experience Mayan culture with this jungle experience!

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