A Delicious Adventure of Culinary Delights in Tulum

Tulum Wine Spirits & Food

The 2nd Annual Tulum Food, Spirits & Wine Festival ‘Chefs Cooking for a Cause’

Tulum Food, Spirits & Wine, 2018, is a 6-day gastronomic festival & restaurant week. The week kicks off with participating restaurants, throughout Playa del Carmen and Tulum, that will feature a 3-course meal, at discounted prices, for lunch or dinner. The last 3 days, the festival explodes in Tulum with culinary events. These events exhibit the talents of a diverse set of chefs from the United States and Mexico, all of whom are coming together to pay homage to traditional Mexican cuisine, local products and the Agave plant, which produces some of the best spirits in Mexico. Food, spirits, wine, beer, an array of spices, and artisanal products will be used and celebrated throughout the Festival.

Music and special presentations round out the fun, creating a lively culinary and cultural setting for all in attendance.

Your Favorite Chefs

Participating chefs include Jeremiah Langhorne (The Dabney; Washington, D.C.), Felipe Donnelly (Colonia Verde; Brooklyn, NY), Nick Anderer (Martina, New York, NY), Simone Merati (Casa Malca, Tulum) Maricela Zorrilla (Casa Síclo “El Comador;” Mexico City), and many other illustrious names from within the culinary world. *Full list and additional information available HERE.*

The Activities You Don’t Want to Miss


There are several events that will be taking place during the 2nd Annual Tulum Food, Spirits & Wine Festival:

‘Restaurant Week’ Restaurant week, will run May 22, 23, 24, 26 and 27 – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday – excluding Friday. Participating restaurants, both in Playa del Carmen & Tulum, will offer a 3-course prix fixe meal for lunch and/or dinner at a discounted price (drinks excluded). The cost will be 350 pesos for lunch, and 450 pesos for dinner. A list of the participating restaurants will be posted on the tulumfswf.com website

‘The Taste of Mexico” ‘The Taste of Mexico’ takes place on May 24, in the Palacio Municipal, from 4pm to 8pm. This is the festival’s opening evening, complete with music, beverage sponsors, arts & crafts and more. Here participating restaurants will offer a 1oz to 3oz tasting of their choice, generally from their current menu. There will also be traditional Mayan Women cooking traditional Mayan dishes.

Wednesday Night – 6pm to 10pm: Welcome dinner for Chefs, VIPs & Press, hosted by Le Zebra and the amazing Chef Eleazar Bonilla on Le Zebra’s rooftop, capturing a beautiful Tulum sunset, while sipping on Caribbean style cocktail from our sponsored Tequila, Patron.

Thursday at Dusk – from 4pm to 8pm: We kick off the festival with the ‘Taste of Mexico’. Restaurants serve up 1 to 2 oz portions while our beverage sponsors serve up a sip of their special liquid. This night, there will be a Ceviche Challenge, where the Chefs vie for the title of ‘Best Ceviche’ Chef. Boca Negra beer, Chale cold brew coffee, Bootleg Farm’s hooch-booch and Cueva Vodka.

Thursday Night – from 8pm until…The parties begin. Our Super Private VIP Dinner showcases the talent of Chef Jose Luis Hinostroza, at Arca, who will be creating a Cannabis tasting menu, paired with Mezcal. Another VIP dinner & Party will be taking place at Zamas, with Power Chef, Mark Anthony Bynum, paired with Boca Negra beer, and Patron Tequila.

Restaurant week continues in Tulum & Playa del Carmen.

Tulum Food Spirits & Wine Festival

Friday day – 10am to 1pm Street Food Tour: Press get taken on an exclusive Street food tour down the side streets of Tulum Pueblo, enjoying a breakfast of street food and finishing up with some of the best coffee of Tulum.

Friday night: Amazing dinners throughout Tulum with invited guest Chefs and local chefs.  A VIP Dinner & After Party will be held at the infamous Casa Malca, featuring Chefs Simone Merati & Jeremiah Langhorne.

Saturday day:  The Agave Festival will host a tasting of some of Mexico’s best agave spirits – from tequila to Mezcal, Pulque to Raicilla. What better way to taste these agave spirits, then with local food, music and crafts.

Saturday night closing dinner – party on the beach with Mina restaurant and Maria del Mar hotel. A themed Carnival Style party, with selected chefs serving up their rendition of street food.  The VIP table will have our VIP Chef Jose Luis Hinostroza and another super star Chef Diego Escobar serving a 6-course dinner, on a platform, overlooking the ocean. Music, drinks, and good times will ensue.

Sunday: Restaurant week continues and comes to a close.

All portions of the festival revenues will go to Puerto Rico’s Hurricane funds,

and to help the street animals of Mexico.


Listen in as we talk to the woman behind the Tulum Wine Spirits & Food Festival

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