In the middle of the chaos that the Sargasso has created, we find this beautiful beach that seems to be unaffected by the issue. Not only is family friendly and very accessible, but it offers different activities for every taste. Live music, drinks, food, and water sports. Xpu-Ha is our little paradise with a sandy beach and a unique blue color in the water. Most of our travelers know about this place, but for the first timers, we have all the details and tips to visit this magical place.

Clean & Beautiful

KSM beach club

As you know by now, some of the beaches in the area have been seriously affected by the Sargasso. This natural issue comes and goes as it pleases, and we are unable to predict how often or how much Sargasso we will get during the week. Thankfully, this place called Xpu-Ha, remains untouched, with a clean beach, little to no Sargasso, and with clear water. There is enough shade, places to eat, drink, and enjoy your day. Only 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen, towards Tulum, and about 15 minutes from Akumal. The beauty of this area can only be overshadowed by its friendly vibe, that is a lot like having a party every day.

Food & Drinks

La Playa xpuha meals

There are 2 different beach clubs in Xpu-Ha; KSM beach club and La Playa Xpu-Ha. You can choose whichever you prefer to spend your day or afternoon. You always have the option to go on your own as well, pay the entrance fee, and bring your own snacks and drinks. There is a little convenience store with basics like; sodas, water, chips, crackers, cookies, popsicles, candies and more. What we highly recommend, is to bring enough cash, USD or pesos are fine as long as it is cash. There are no ATM’s onsite and some places cannot accept credit or debit cards due to the on-and-off signal.

Convenient Location

KSM beach club evening

Our favorite thing about Xpu-Ha beach is its location, conveniently in the middle of Riviera Maya. Visitors from Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun or any of the islands, only have to make a short trip to get there. Xpu-Ha is right next to Barcelo Maya Grand complex in Riviera Maya. The beach clubs open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm but sometimes KSM beach club has events at night and the bar remains open. Entrance fees are around $200 pesos per person, and you can also camp and use communal showers and restrooms. If you need to plan your visit to this amazing beach area, please e-mail us to [email protected] and we will happily design the perfect day for you and your family at this incredible beach.

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