Every summer the whale sharks migrate to the top of the Yucatan Penisula to feed on plankton. Their feeding ground is just off-shore providing an opportunity for you to swim with the giant fish.  Swimming with these titans has become a favorite activity you do not want to miss.  

In 2004 a national conservation group worked with the fisherman to build environmental protection regulations for the whale shark tours. Over a period of two years, guides were trained, laws were implemented, and the tours became an even more critical part of the local economy and ecology. Mexico has the best track record for preserving the Whale Shark and their feeding grounds. 

To participate in a whale shark tour, you will be participating in one of many ecotourism initiatives in Mexico.

Rules for swimming with the whale sharks:

1. All participants need to wear a flotation device for safety and to prevent any free diving. Tour companies will provide you with lifejackets. You can also use your wetsuit as a flotation device.
2. Only two participants are allowed in the water with a guide at a time.
3. Guides are trained and certified by the federal environmental agency. If your guide is not certified, please do not go on their tour.
4. Snorkelers cannot touch the whale sharks nor can they get too close to the whale shark.(within a foot of the whale shark)
5. All snorkelers are provided a briefing before the tour, either on the boat or on land, to further their understanding of the whale shark, the regulations and ways to help conserve and protect this giant fish.

Swimming with the whale sharks is not an activity that you can DIY nor can people scuba dive with the whale sharks.

Whale Shark Festival on Isla Mujeres 

Every July there is a Whale Shark Festival in Isla Mujeres. The Whale Shark Festival is a concerted effort to raise awareness of the need to preserve the area’s marine ecosystem.  The exact dates have not been announced, but you can visit them on Facebook to get the latest updates.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime to experience the whale sharks. Email Paulina, our concierge and book your Whale Shark Tour today. Whale Shark Season begins June 1 and ends in mid-September.

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