5 Reasons this Affordable Tulum Beach Rental is the Bomb

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Tulum is one of the last few beaches on this coast where one can still feel off the grid and wholeheartedly enjoy it. Everyday travelers from around the world flock to this paradise-like beach for a vacation experience available nowhere else on the planet. Any given day you’ll find visitors from all five continents relishing in a one of a kind adventure. Families, friends, and lovers alike convene here to bask under the sun, gazing over the Caribbean blue horizon sprinkled with kiteboarders away from masses of tourists.  

Not for the Faint of Heart

Topless women and men in speedos do roam freely while whiffs of incense and copal will surprise your nostrils at any given moment. The only road to Tulum gets backed up on a daily basis, and odds are your hotel room will have sand most of the duration of your stay but believe it or not THIS too is the magic of Tulum. Yes, the humming generators at night, the water trucks during the day, and the food vendor with the hand horn honking every hour or so are part of the charm of living like a true local. Unfortunately, this type of magic comes with a hefty price tag.

Finding an affordable venue under $200 USD a night on Tulum beach has become almost as probable as finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, LocoGringo has found the most amazingly affordable venue on Tulum Beach available at the moment. You’ll be deep in the heart of Tulum surrounded by the most luxurious venues and shops for only a fraction of the cost with more room in your budget to spend about town.

Reason Numero Uno: Feel like a Local 

los locales
Sojourn at Los Locales and experience living like a resident on Tulum Beach. Rise and shine at your favorite eatery without the obligation of dining at your resorts on-site restaurant. Indulge in the restaurant of your choice just a few steps from your door. Choose a different beach club every day and see fresh new faces every day.  The ground floor has four lovely shops and a breakfast nook all service with kind and friendly locals that are always there to share a conversation or guide you towards your next adventure.

Reason Numero Dos: Location 

Los Locales has a spectacular location within walking distance to the very best beach clubs, shops, restaurants and of course, bars in Tulum.  LocoTulumCasa Malca, Rosanegra, Ahau, Casa BananaLa Zebra are just a few of the most celebrated venues you can visit within a short a walk from Los Locales. You’ll be right across from Hip Hotel where you can purchase a day pass for $25 USD to hang out there all day or just have breakfast and walk down to the beach club you most want. You can walk up to La Eufemia for the best beachfront tacos and grooviest staff in the entire coast or stroll down to Yaan Spa for a couples massage.

Reason Numero Tres: Style

los locales
Los Locales is incredibly stylish. These condos offer an elegant, minimalist approach for travelers who want to experience the lush tranquility of Tulum without fuss and expense. Each apartment is decorated in style reminiscent of mid-century, modern America with Mexican artisanal touches. Abstract, Mexican tiles in turquoise and white in the living room, for example, compliment the mint-green, and the most adorable retro refrigerator.

Reason Numero Cuatro: Value

Los Locales Kitchen
These uber spacious, one-bedroom apartments with a full kitchen and panoramic rooftop views sleep up to 4 guests. Plus, there are only two condos so if you book both for a party of 8 you’ll have a super chic hangout with a spectacular rooftop complete with hammocks to fall asleep under the stars (don’t forget to burn incense to shoo away mosquitos).

Reason Numero Cinco: Nightlife

Tulum is all about having fun, day in and day out. Being so very well appointed at Los Locales you’ll be a hop, skip and a drink away to the most popular clubs and highly entertaining bars without the loud noise. You’ll most certainly want to check out the I Scream Bar known for serving tequila and mezcal infused ice cream. Gitano is the spot for a glitzy night out in the town with both great music and food!

Ready to book your upcoming stay in Los Locales

Send us an email today, and we’ll let you know when is the closest available date. That’s right; these condos are so incredible you’ll need to book at least three months ahead of time to ensure you have the dates you want. Send us an email at [email protected] to find out the earliest dates available.

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