5 great Family vacation rentals in the Riviera Maya

Woo Hoo! We just found a great list of family vacation rentals in the Rivera Maya that is diverse enough for any family. Each family has very specific needs and we think this short list will make your family vacation easy to plan and even easier to secure. If we did not hit the nail on the head, know that there are more vacation rentals where these came from. Choose from beach vacation rentals in Playa del Carmen, SOliman Bay, Akumal and more! Love this list and hope you love it as well! How do we know these are a good choice? We took a poll from our reservations specialists and this is the list they came up with based on feedback form our guests!

Playa del Carmen Vacation Rental – quiet but close to Playa activities

casa grande playa del carmen

Casa Grande is grand, and if you are looking for a larger vacation rental that will house your immediate family and grandparents or aunts and uncles, this could be it. 4 bedrooms, sleeps 9, across the street from the beach and a direct sea view, a private pool and lost of living space that will make everyone happy. What we love about any Playa del Carmen vacation villa is the amount of activities, restaurants and fun things to do right in the city. The beach is always the focal point, but 5th Avenue is full of interesting people, food, and shopping. If you have older children that want to spread their wings a bit, Playa is safe and the young adults can venture out to explore on their own. Younger kids will love the playgrounds, the hustle and bustle of 5th Ave, theĀ  colorful culture and the super friendly people. If grandma and grandpa give you a night off, there are over 700 restaurants that you can enjoy and have an adult night out! Casa Grande worth a look.

Soliman Bay Family Vacation Rental – Private Bay and water sports!

casa nah alux in soliman bay


Casa Nah Alux is a private vacation villa on the protected inlet of Soliman’s Bay just 40 minutes south of Playa del Carmen and 1 north of Tulum. Everyone will feel like they are in paradise with lots of plam trees, direct access to the beach and swimming pool. Snorkeling, SUP boarding, kayaking, and beach combing are just some of the activities your family can enjoy in Soliman Bay. 3 bedrooms, lots of living space and right on the beach. Could you ask for anything more? If everyone gets water logged from the sea, Mayan Ruins, the town of Tulum, the Tulum Ruins and more are not far from this little paradise. This is a favored vacation rental for families and we encourage you to check it out!

Akumal Family Vacation Rental – It feels like home

Villa Italiano in Akumal

This is a super budget friendly vacatio villa that has you on the beach in Akumal for less than many other beach front villas. The price puts it in high demand so check out Villa Italiano before it gets booked up into 2015! Think quiet, 3 bedroom on the beach, with lots of things to do and see in the Akumal area. Kids love this as they feel they are the prince and princess of the beach. Parents love it for the peace and quiet, beach access (right out your front door) and the convenience of a vacation rental. Everyone will be able to plan their favorite activity for the day and not have to go very far. If you want to venture of the beach and check out local sites and things to do, Akumal is close to Tulum, Playa del Carmen, cenotes and Eco Parks. Check out the details of Villa Italiano and see if this fits your criteria for not just a family vacation but a super duper family vacation.

Family fun in an Aventuras Akumal vacation rental

salvaje villa in puerto aventuras

Now if you love the beach, love the sea, and just love smaller communities, Aventuras Akumal may just be the spot. Beachfront, 4 bedrooms in the main villa with room to add more family members in one bedroom casitas. This is wow and if your family grows, the villa grows with you! Villa Salvaje is unique in that you do have choice as your vacation grows. Grandparents like their space, they love their grandchildren but they do love their space. For older kids, they can use the casita for their private space and all the adults can carry on their cocktail hour after the kids go to bed. The configurations are endless and we love the flexibility of this vacation rental. Check out the details of this vacation rental in the Rivera Maya.

One more Soliman Bay family vacation rental just in case…

Family vacation rental villa serentiy akumal

Tres delfines, the three dolphins, is a great family vacation rental in Aventuras Akumal that offers lots of space and lots of beach fo ryour little dolphins. Direct beach access, quiet bay, and lots of water sports to keep you busy, Tres Delfines is a great option in Soliman Bay. 4 bedrooms, lots of outdoor spaces and designated siesta areas (for parents). Chamico’s fish taco hut is close by and a favored lunch place. Check out this family vacation rental that could solve all your vacation planning on the spot.

Family vacations build precious memories

If you are anything like us, our fondest memories are from our family vacations (they still are!) and finding the right vacation rental can prove to be a daunting experience. These are justĀ  5 our picks for great family vacations but know that there are more to choose from. Each family has their own needs, dreams, and wants. Start here and see if these fit your family and if not just keep on looking or let us look for you at [email protected]

Your family is our family. WE get it and want to make sure your family gets what they need and when they need it!


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