3D Museum in Playa del Carmen – Great Indoor Activity


Get out of the sun and into some fun at the 3D Museum in Playa del Carmen. This relatively new museum turns your perspective upside down, literally, and has you amazed at how one artist combined his classic training and understanding of geometry in to a new interactive art form.

Kurt Wenner, an American born artist who has spent half his life in Italy, created a new art form in 1982 called ‘Interactive 3D pavement art illusions’ where he combines geometry, illusion, classic techniques and brilliant imagination to form his interactive art.

Visitors to the museum are not just observers but participants in the floor to ceiling art work Kurt Wenner has created. Guides assist in the interactive play and help visitors get the best photo at each installation.

A Bit about 3D Interactive Pavement Art

Wenner’s painting technique was inspired by the great Roman baroque ceilings of the 17th century, not part of a historical tradition many believe him to have copied. The ceilings were out of reach for interactivity, so Wenner worked on his technique to bring the 3D art form to ground level and enable people to interact with the images not just look at them.

By 1986, Wenner had created a number of signature 3D images which has subsequently inspired many street artists to replicate his idea.

In 1998, Wenner created his first permanent artwork and illusion room where he painted floor to ceiling, and allowed visitors to become part of the art instead of just observers. This started the ball rolling for a museum, and prompted him to find a way to digitally replicate his artwork and preserve his chalk drawings.

Using technology Wenner has found a way to produce images that are suitable for permanent and interactive displays from his original had drawn artwork.

What To Expect from the 3D Museum in Playa

The museum is interactive and does require that you roam the museum barefoot to preserve the art work. Participants go through the museum with a guide who helps them take the best photos of their interaction of the art work and explain the art work. Visitors are encouraged to take photos and can return to any pieces as many times as they wish.

The response to the museum is overwhelmingly positive. Interactivity is a great way to learn more about the paintings, the art form and the artist himself. though there are similar museums in Asia that use ‘Trick Art’ Wenner’s museum is a different experience all together.

Details For Your Visit to the 3D Museum in Playa del Carmen

Hours: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

Price: 30 USD per person (May 2017)

Location: 10th Street and 10th Avenue, Plaza Pelicanos, Playa del Carmen

You will need to remove your shoes when you enter the musuem. A guide will take you through each exhibit, and a free coffee awaits at the end of the tour.

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