Riviera Maya as an Eco Destination – Hell Yes!

When you think of eco-traveler destinations, visions of mountain ranges, national parks, northern lights, glamping or all of the above come to mind. I would bet money that the Riviera Maya does not even pop up in that list.

Well that’s a shame, as the Riviera Maya has a diverse eco system that has some of the most spectacular eco activities one can do. And they are only found here!

Let me share just a few highlights:

  • World Class bone fishing – Check
  • One of a kind cavern snorkeling in thousand year old cenotes – Check
  • Over 1,000 species of flora, more than 380 species of birds, 105 mammal species and 83 species of amphibians and reptiles – Check
  • The Mexican government preserves valuable land and marine ecosystems in more than a third of the state’s territory (1’574,965 hectares)for ecotourism – Check
  • This information does not even include the nearby states of the Yucatan and Campeche which also have protected National and Marine Parks.

How Did this Information Get By You? Why Didn’t You Know?

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Since 1970 this area has been promoting its beautiful beaches, diverse populations, extraordinary culture and hospitality. Little has been said about the unique landscape, diverse ecosystems, incredible marine and fresh water systems, nor the wild life. When you think of Tulum, the Tulum ruins, vacationing movie stars, the white beaches and beachfront accommodations come to mind before environmental diversity even crosses your lips. Tulum and the area surrounding this city is one of the most environmentally diverse cities on the coast. But no one talks about it.

So we are letting you know now. Besides the glorious beaches, besides the world class accommodations. besides the culturally rich history found on the coast of the Riviera Maya, you will find a unique eco system found nowhere else in the world. If you venture from the popular tourist destinations into the UNESCO National Park of the Sian Ka’an, the glorious shores of Rio Lagartos where you will find its shores full of flamingos, sand flats, mangrove and birds. Venture to local cenotes in the jungle.

If you do this, you will witness and experience the delicate but important relationship between the sea and jungle, the limestone shelf and local vegetation, the fresh water and salt water marine life. The list seems never ending.

Did you know that a 13,000 year old skeleton was found in a local cavern in Quintana Roo in 2007. This is the oldest skeleton found in the world and thanks to some cave explorers anthropologists and historians have information not found elsewhere. This is the kind of important stuff that happens here but seems to go unnoticed.

If you don’t dig for this information, you will likely pass by this destination for your ecotravels. This is the part we find unfortunate. If we could we would stand from the top of a palm tree, on the crest of a cenote and say ‘hey!’ the Riviera Maya is a worthy environmental destination!

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In addition to highlighting things to do, our guide also highlights eco-friendly places to stay so you can choose the best accommodations that preserves the local flora and fauna, marine life and bird populations. Make your vacation count and discover a new destination that unveils a whole new world!


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