Mayan Clay Spa- Play in the Mud for Beauty

On your Tulum beach vacation, you can hide away in a spa for the pampering you deserve. Tulum is home to many wonderful spas but the most famous and unique one is the Mayan Clay Spa.

What is Mayan Clay

Before there was a dedicated spa for Mayan Clay, there were the Mayan Clay product. Maria Hurley discovered this magnificent clay and it quickly became popular for its effects on the skin. The cleansing effects of Mayan Clay had various therapists use this product as its own therapy where you could book a Mayan Clay Massage where the distinct golden, creamy natural substance healed your skin and you.

Healing and Health Properties of Mayan Clay

•Stimulates the skins function
•Detoxes & energizes the skin and internal organs
•Mineralises and energizes
•Exfoliates and regenerates skin tissue refining wrinkles
•Serves as a face wash and toner
•Helps heal skin lesions such as mosquito bites, acne, rashes and sun burn
•Absorbs impurities and acids from the skin tissue
•Acts as a sedative for the central nervous system when applied to the spine and nap of neck
•Balances the electromagnetic energy field of the body when applied as a complete body mask
•Fantastic hair conditioning treatment

This multi-use treatment became a favorite for both locals and visitors. Having a natural solution for mosquito bites, sunburn, or just tired skin makes this natural clay a multipurpose cleanser and healer.

The Mayan Clay Experience

At Km 8 on the Tulum Beach Road you will find the quaint, jungle spa that started it all. Recently remodeled, The Mayan Clay Spa has a beautiful, upstairs massage room nestled in the treetops. The spa is a favorite with bachelorette and wedding parties, as well as, couples.

Visit the Bathhouse for the Full Experience

Mayan Clay Jungle Spa 2

Want the full luxurious experience? Enjoy 3 hours of mineral bathhouse therapy that begins with a full body, sea salt, rosemary & oil exfoliation. Mayan clay is then massaged onto your face, neck and shoulders to reenergize your skin. You are then immersed into a pool of warm Mayan clay to continue your detoxification. From there enter an Epsom salt laced jacuzzi followed by a sauna treatment and freshwater cenote rinse. Finish off with a hydrating fruit mask which is applied head to toe. Relax in a sublime, natural setting on a king size bed or hammock when you are done. Can you say, “Ahhhh’?

Take the Mayan Clay Experience Home with You

Mayan Clay 3

Mayan Clay can be taken home with you and is available in different sized jars. Check out their selection in their spa location or find Mayan Clay in various stores in the Riviera Maya. This is an amazing way to share your experience with loved ones at home by gifting them their own spa in a jar.

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